How to Get Rid of Squirrels in the Attic

Are you hearing noises and not sure what is causing them?

We may get taken in with the antics of squirrels and how interesting and fun they look. But we should not forget the havoc that they can cause to an attic, your valuables or your family. If by chance you have an uninvited guest that is a squirrel, if not discovered quickly, you’ll have a much more difficult situation to deal with.

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Getting rid of squirrels is always a job best left to professionals. We have the tools and squirrel removal equipment to ensure not only a successful capture, but a thorough inspection is done to find entry points. Ladders are always needed to to fully inspect a home for squirrel damages and openings that they use to gain entry into an attic.

Why does a squirrel LOVE my attic?

Small Squirrel Standing on Brown Wood
Small Squirrel Resting on Brown Wood

There are several reasons why a squirrel might be drawn to an attic. Squirrels are looking for the best place they can survive and do well. An attic provides a place out of the elements where they can feel somewhat protected as attics are not normally traveled by humans. Attics tend to be dry and warm even if you are in a cold climate. It’s almost like a hotel has put out a shingle stating “come stay here and build your nest and you won’t be disturbed” none of your enemies or threats are here so step right up!

So how do I get rid of them?

The first thing you will have to do is to seal off the entire attic. Cover up holes and entry points that are wide enough for a squirrel to get through. If you have vents, cover them with a wire mesh guard. Next, you should locate any areas that are chewed that lead inside– with the exception of one area. That is where the little guy will exit, and where he will be trapped. Additionally, make sure to secure openings between the attic and everywhere else in your home. There are several other steps to do additionally. However, if you would like to call a professional, please feel free to contact us. 1-866-263-WILD.

For more information or a FREE ESTIMATE on squirrel removal please call 1-866-263-WILD or (941)729-2103 and speak with a trusted professional. We would like to be your local expert and learn about your current situation. Call us now! We specialize in humane wildlife trapping and we take pride in using the most advanced technology which is the least invasive to you and your property.


Prevent squirrels from climbing power poles and individual trees by encircling them with a 2-foot-wide collar of metal 6 feet off the ground. To give trees adequate growing space, attach the metal collar using encircling wires held together with springs. Similarly, these squirrel baffles can be placed on poles that support bird feeders or bird houses. Many different squirrel-proof feeders are currently on the market that may deter squirrels. Prevent squirrels from traveling on wires by installing 2-foot sections of lightweight 2- to 3-inch diameter plastic pipe. Slit the pipe lengthwise, spread it open, and place it over the wire. The pipe will rotate on the wire and cause traveling squirrels to tumble.

Close openings to attics and other parts of buildings, but make sure not to lock squirrels inside. Place traps inside as a precaution after openings are closed. A squirrel excluder can be improvised by mounting an 18-inch section of 4-inch plastic pipe over an opening. The pipe should point down at a 45 degree angle. A one-way door can also be used over an opening to let squirrels out and prevent them from returning. Close openings to buildings with heavy 0.5-inch wire mesh or make other suitable repairs. Custom-made wire-mesh fences topped with electrified wires usually will keep squirrels out of gardens, but this method is costly, and squirrels do not often cause much damage to gardens. Source


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