Hurricane Irma May Have Damaged Local Squirrel Populations

Hurricane Irma May Have Damaged Local Squirrel Populations

Hurricane Irma may have arrived at the wrong time for local squirrel populations. Many Florida residents have reported that they discovered nests of baby squirrels sprawled out on the ground after Irma made her exit. Heavy winds, fallen trees and broken branches undoubtedly contributed to the problem. You see, mama squirrels give birth to a litter of three or four baby squirrels twice a year. There are a number of wild animal species that produce litters of young’uns more than once a year, so hurricane season can really devastate vulnerable animal populations.

Squirrels are normally a prodigious nuisance wild animal species in Florida and most other states, but they are also a vital part of a vibrant ecosystem. Many wildlife species, including venomous and non-venomous snakes, rely on rodents for food. Nature has its way of adapting, so you can probably look forward to a bumper crop of baby squirrels next spring. In the meantime, try to appreciate the squirrels that managed to make it through the storm.

Squirrels Can Be Pests

Squirrels don’t cause too many problems unless they get into your home or business. It doesn’t take much of a hole, and the little buggers are smart and resourceful. In any case, you don’t want them in your home or business attic. Much like other wild animal species, squirrels have a tendency to destroy property and spread disease by contaminating insulation with mold producing feces and urine. You don’t want your family or employees to breathe that stuff.

Squirrels can work their way into HVAC systems and chew up wood framing, pipes and electric boxes. They can even cause fires by chewing away the insulation on your electrical wiring. If you hear scratching or scampering sounds coming from your attic, call an expert wildlife management company as soon as possible. The squirrels will be humanely removed and you’ll save a lot of money in the long run. A wild animal removal operator can also professionally seal your home or business so that you never have to deal with the problem again.

Well, Irma’s gone, but Florida is on the mend. The same thing can be said of your local squirrel population. The squirrels will come back stronger than ever, but remember, you don’t want them in your home or business. Rely on a professional wildlife removal company to keep your home or business safe and healthy.

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