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Have you seen a snake or snake skin in your home or commercial property? Would you like immediate help with having it removed? Please call a professional!  Don’t take a chance on getting a lethal poisonous snake bite!

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How Many Florida Snakes Are Poisonous?

Only six (6) of Florida’s Forty-six (46) native snake species are venomous or poisonous. Thirty-five (35) species of those slithery reptiles are located in the Central Florida region.

The poisonous ones are:

  • the eastern coral snake
  • the southern copperhead
  • the cottonmouth
  • the eastern diamondback rattlesnake
  • the timber rattlesnake
  • the dusky pygmy rattlesnake

Most Florida snakes are harmless and beneficial. For example they help  remove extra rodent populations. Even the venomous species are not particularly dangerous unless stepped on or otherwise provoked. Killing a snake should be a measure of LAST RESORT!

Keep Your Eyes Open For Possible Invitations To Snakes

The frequent sighting of snakes near dwellings or out-buildings may indicate the presence of mice or other rodents. Removal of brush, lumber or other debris accumulations will discourage both rodents and snakes.

Keep The Area Clean And Free Of Temptations

Mice and rats like to feed on the spilled bird seed under feeders. Pet foods scraps are another source for snakes to sneak up on mice and rats. These areas should also be policed regularly.

Of course we will not address the Python invasion here. Just watch the news to keep up with this ever increasing threat.

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