Signs that You Have Bats in Your House

Signs that You Have Bats in Your House

First of all, it is not the easiest thing to detect if you have any bats living in your home. Since they tend to be very quiet animals, you may only hear them if they are actually living/roosting in your walls. You could hear them, if they get disturbed by something like a slamming door or other loud noise.

Got bats?

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What does a bat sound like? A bat will make a small squeaking sound and also some crawling like scratching. This is likely to occur at dusk or dawn, when they are waking or returning to the roost.

Bats Living in an Attic

Have you seen any bat droppings aka guano on your walls or windows? Bats tend to roost in the same place with other bats, and even the same place year after year. It is typical that a bats will leave guano droppings on the entrance to their roosts nightly.

How to tell? If you have noticed any of the above signals there is one last step for you to take.. When the sun is setting, take a chair out to your yard and have a seat. Look around at your home and just sit back and relax to watch for the bats leaving at night. If you do have bats, that is one way that you might possibly see them.

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