Nuisance Wildlife Removal is constantly keeping up with the latest and greatest trends on wildlife management. We are pleased to announce that we are now offering thermography. This is a thermal wildlife inspection using a thermal imaging camera. Thermal imaging cameras work by detecting infrared energy (heat) and converting it into electronic signals that are translated as either color or gray-scale images on a monitor. When used for inspection purposes, pattern variations can show the technician what’s behind a wall, in a ceiling or crawl space, for example, or where potential entry points exist. By inspecting for heat-intensive areas, we can locate rodent, squirrel, raccoon, opossum, or bat nests that would otherwise be undetected. This technique gives us a sixth sense and takes the guess work out of locating the wildlife.

The heat produced by rats, raccoons, bats, and other wildlife will change the temperature of the surface they are laying on such as down a wall or in the ceiling or soffit. Where these areas are completely invisible to the naked eye the thermal imaging camera can detect these temperature variations providing a precise location of where an animal is resting / nesting within a structure.

See the image below:

Upon arriving at our customers home to do the initial inspection, where they stated they were hearing noises coming from the ceiling, there were no noises at the time of inspection. However, the thermal imaging camera indicated that there was some form of heat source on the opposite side of the ceiling. So, a quick trip into the attic to the pinpointed location and a nest of raccoons was located.

Yes, we could have located the nest of raccoons without the thermal imaging in this case, but what took ten minutes may have taken 2 hours. Professional services means professional tools, taking the guess work out and providing a much safer, effective and less evasive solution to the unwanted wildlife.

Thermal imaging is also very useful in detecting entry points on, in and around your home allowing us to see where even the tiniest of cracks or openings may be that would allow for wildlife or insects to enter your home. When a thermal imaging inspection is done you can expect a full inspection of your entire home from the ground to the roof. Detailed images will be taken and a full report will be worked up that will indicate both our findings and recommended solutions. There’s no need to wait until you are having an issue or hear a noise… Give us a call today to learn more about this new innovative apporach and safeguard your home against the unwanted.