Venomous Snakes of Florida [News Blog] Snakes on the Move after Heavy amounts of Rainfall

With all the rain we have had in Florida this spring– you might have an unexpected snake encounter in your home, garage or business.

If you are in the Fruitville area or anywhere in Manatee/Sarasota counties. We can help!

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Snakes are on the move to higher ground after much rain in Florida this spring!

Rain pushing snakes into Tampa Bay homes and yards

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Snake Trapping and Removal Saint Armands [News Blog] Learning about Snakes can Help Prevent a Problem

Seeing a snake in the wild is no cause for alarm. If you see one, don’t panic. But if you see one in your home or business on St Armands Key in Sarasota, FL you need a professional to come remove it for you. Click here>> to Contact us right away.

Leave a snake in the wild alone and walk away. Do not kill a snake if you see one. Most people get bitten when they try to kill one or try to pick one up, so the best advice is to leave snakes alone. If you leave them alone, they’ll leave you alone.

Most snakes are reluctant to bite because they use their energy or their venom to acquire food, and they don’t see humans as a food source. The vast majority of snakes in Florida are non-venomous and harmless to humans. To read our special article on the venomous snakes of Central Florida click here>> VENOMOUS.

Although 50 species of snakes are found in state of Florida,  in CENTRAL FLORIDA only the 4 listed here are venomous and a danger to humans. The remaining 44 species (and its subspecies) are harmless and should be protected for the beneficial role they play in natural ecosytems, eating insects, rodents, rabbits, and other small prey.

The most important thing people can do is to educate themselves and others about these cold-blooded reptiles and learn to appreciate them as an important part of the ecosystem. Snakes are strictly carnivorous, preying on smaller animals, such as rodents, slugs and insects. They also serve as an important food source for other animals, like foxes, raccoons, eagles, hawks, owls. Instead of being widely feared and unjustly persecuted, snakes should be appreciated for the awesome creatures they are and treated with respect.

A source of snake education is a book ”Venomous Snakes and their Mimics” by Scott Shupe. It was a favorite of my grandson when he was little. He said, “It was neat, but kinda’ scary.”

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Baby Wild Animals are Usually Not Orphans

Nicole Hafer, Guest Columnist

Nuisance Wild Animal Remover- North Sarasota
A fawn on side of road eating grass.

Spring is the season where everything is born anew, the wildflowers are in bloom, insects are buzzing around, and baby animals are born. Read more Baby Wild Animals are Usually Not Orphans

Recent Coyote Sightings Have Dog Owners Spooked [News Blog]

From: Chicago 5

Coyotes and raccoons appearing to have no fear of humans or large animals are growing in numbers across the Chicago area in recent months, prompting warnings from police and wildlife officials.

The latest warning comes from Hammond, Indiana, where police say a resident shared photos of a coyote they say could have a viral disease known as distemper.

“Coyote walked right up to me and my 60lb lab mix with no fear on the trail south of Cabelas,” police said the caption for the photos read. “Those with small dogs should take caution while walking in the area.”

The police department also warned dog owners to “use discretion if walking in this area, especially with small dogs.”

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What Size Opening can a Rat Get through?

 Most Commonly Asked Questions about Rats

#1 What size opening can a rat get through?

A quarter is just under an inch in diameter (0.96 inches). Not all rats can fit through a hole the size of a quarter. Large rats and overweight rats are too big. But some rats are small enough to fit through — especially juvenile rats.

#2 Can a rat climb up a wall?

The house mouse and the brown rat are common rodent pests. … Rats are efficient burrowers and can burrow for several meters horizontally. Both rats and mice are good climbers and can climb vertical walls if the surface is rough enough, and “shimmy” up between walls and drain pipes.

Rat Trapping and Removal North Sarasota
Rat in a plastic tube

#3 How Does a Rat Get in the House?

Rats can squeeze into amazingly small areas. Evenrats that look very big can almost slide in like jelly into the tightest of gaps and holes – it’s amazing to watch. … How Big Do Rats Get? They can inhabit very small nooks and crannies inside a house, from walls to ceilings, crawl spaces and attics.

#4 What are Signs of a Rat in your House?

  • Rat Droppings. Tend to be found concentrated in specific locations as rats produce up to 40 droppings per night. …
  • Rub Marks. Rats use established routes along skirting boards and walls due to their poor eyesight. …
  • Scratching Noises. …
  • Rat Holes. …
  • Rat Nests. …
  • Footprints.

#5 Do Rats Attack You?

FACT: Some rats, if provoked and cornered, will fight their way out of the confrontation, as will many wild animals. But most rats do not outwardly attackhumans. Young babies, bed-confined elders, and the homeless sleeping in doorways and alleys, however, are occasionally bitten by unprovoked rats.

#6 Do Rats have a Collapsible Skeleton?

No. These are myths.

Rats have a skeleton made of bones connected with joints and cartilage, just like we do.


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Most Commonly Asked Questions about Rats

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Photo of Rat Droppings at Dominos [News Blog] Bradenton Rat Trapping and Removal



Bradenton, FL Rat Trapping and Removal 34205
Baby rat

May 4, 2018

JOHNSON CITY, TN (CBS Local) – A Tennessee Domino’s Pizza is under fire after a photo of raw dough covered in rat droppings was posted online. According to health inspections, the store in question has had a rodent problem for at least three years.

The Details:

  • A photo of rat droppings on Domino’s pizza dough has gone viral
  • The photo was posted by an anonymous source who claims to work at the Tennessee location
  • Rats have been found at the store during health inspections dating back to 2015

The Domino’s on Boones Creek Road in Johnson City, Tennessee drew massive scrutiny after an alleged employee posted a photo of feces-covered pizza dough to Reddit on May 1. The anonymous whistle blower, using the handle “matchgame74,” also claimed that rats are a common sight at the location and employees at the pizza chain don’t understand how the store continues to pass health inspections.

redditdough Photo Of Rat Droppings On Dominos Pizza Dough Goes Viral

“We ate that pizza like a week ago. That’s surprising to understand that they could find that and sell us that pizza,” customer Jeff Bowman told WJHL. Complaints about insect, animal, and rodent violations reportedly date back to 2015. Health inspectors, who found “14 trays contaminated with rodent droppings,” still gave the store a score of 86 on their most recent inspection on May 2.

“This was an extremely isolated incident, confined to a single store, and it’s been puzzling… The affected trays were removed; all others were inspected and new ones were delivered. The health department then cleared the store to open. The store is clean, open and back in business,” Domino’s spokesman Tim McIntyre told WJHL.

The state’s Department of Health told WJHL that restaurants can be shut down if they believe a health hazard “is imminent”, however they did not shut the pizza chain because staff immediately corrected the problems after the inspection.

The unnamed employee disputed the claims that Domino’s has actively tried to clean up the Tennessee location and even alleged that inspectors were being paid to look the other way. “I’m willing to lose my job over it at this point. My coworkers and I all feel guilty serving this to people,” matchgame74 wrote in Reddit’s comments section.

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Summer 2018: How to Protect Your Family from West Nile Virus

Origin of the Virus

West Nile virus was first identified in 1937 in Uganda in eastern Africa. It was first discovered in the United States in the summer of 1999 in New York. Since then, the virus has spread throughout the US. Researchers believe West Nile virus is spread when a mosquito bites an infected bird and then bites a person.

Symptoms onset

If you have West Nile virus, you will typically show the first virus symptoms within 3-14 days of being bitten.

How do you know if you have West Nile virus?

Symptoms and signs of West Nile virus include fever, headache, body aches, skin rash, and swollen lymph nodes. Severe symptoms and signs may include stiff neck, sleepiness, disorientation, coma, tremors, convulsions, and paralysis. Most cases ofWest Nile virus infection are mild and go unreported

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