Raccoon Breaks into Convertible and Gives Birth

Raccoon Breaks into Convertible and Gives Birth


Sarasota, FL. — According to the Herald Tribune– some employees at an auto detailing shop in Manatee County Florida found a raccoon that had given birth in the backseat of a convertible!

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It was apparent that the mother had torn through a plastic cover on the car’s window, the article continued. Initially, they only found one baby in the car. However, since it is known that they usually give birth in multiple numbers they kept looking and looking for other babies. When they opened up the trunk, they did discover a second baby raccoon that was covered in water. The wildlife control organization stated that “I felt pretty bad for the owner of the car. They tore up the sun shades, chewed some shows and used the bathroom all over the place” After putting the raccoons in a kennel, he took them to the woods and released them.

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