[Sarasota, FL] Are Muscovy Ducks Aggressive?


Are Muscovy Ducks Aggressive?

Muscovy ducks are native to South America. But did you know, they are the only duck that is held in captivity, that is not a descendant of the wild MALLARD?!  Please be aware however, that a Muscovy DRAKE (male) can sometimes be aggressive. If and when this does happen in Sarasota, FL or any other area, it is important that you do not ignore the problem. If the problem is not addressed, it is likely to continue and increase. This could escalate to people getting injured, bitten or bruised.


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Why do people like to have Muscovy ducks? People like to have them for a few different reasons. For the most part the animals are quiet. They can be interesting because their feathers and colors come in such a wide range of colors. Also, the drakes have a more generous amount of meat than many other ducks.  If a Muscovy duck shows signs of aggression, there are several steps that can be taken. The first one is to segregate the duck away to a separate area from the others. If you can, give it a comfortable area with a fence.  The next step is to train the animal by holding its beak shut and say a firm “no.” Next be sure to connect with your animal by socializing with it. For example pet it, feed it out of hand and speak with it kindly. This will help to reassure him or her that you are not a threat. Also it would be good if your duck had a mate. They are ready for this by 5-6 months of age. At the very first sign of forward or aggressive behavior, its best to discourage it promptly. Even when they are just a baby- this behavior will only get worse. There is much debate about whether a muscovy duck is good to have in your area. For more info on this discussion check out our hugely popular post on Muscovy Ducks.

True Wild Muscovy Duck

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