Muscovy Ducks

A large muscovy duck lakeside

What About The Local Muscovy Duck?

The Muscovy duck (Cairina moschata) occurs naturally only in southern Texas. It has been introduced in other locations, where it is considered an invasive species that sometimes creates problems through competition with native species, damage to property, and transmission of disease.

Federal Regulations Regarding The Muscovy Duck

The Federal Fish and Wildlife Service amends the regulations to prohibit sale, transfer, or propagation of Muscovy ducks for hunting and any other purpose other than food  production, and to allow their removal in locations in which the species does not occur naturally in the contiguous United States, Alaska, and Hawaii, and in U.S. territories and possessions.

This requires revision of regulations governing permit exceptions for captive bred migratory waterfowl other than mallard ducks, and waterfowl sale and disposal permits, and the addition of an order to allow control of Muscovy ducks, their nests, and eggs. This agency has also rewritten the affected regulations to make them easier to understand. DATES: This rule will be effective on March 31, 2010. So you may be wondering, are Muscovy Ducks Protected? Click here to read more about it. 

Some Migration Facts About The Muscovy Duck

The Muscovy is a large duck native to South America, Central America, and Mexico. Due to a recent northward expansion of the range of the species, there is a small natural  population in three counties in southern Texas in which natural breeding of wild birds has been confirmed. For that reason, this species is included in the final rule published today to revise the list of migratory birds found at 50 CFR 10.13.

The Muscovy duck normally inhabits forested swamps and mangrove ponds, lakes and streams, and freshwater ponds near wooded areas. The species often roosts in trees at night. The hen usually lays her eggs in a tree hole or hollow. However, Muscovy ducks will occasionally nest in abandoned nests of large birds such as ospreys or eagles, between palm tree fronds, and in wooden boxes or other man-made, elevated cavities. The species does not form stable pairs.

Habitats And Flocks

Muscovy ducks can breed near urban and suburban lakes and on farms, nesting in tree cavities or on the ground, under shrubs in yards, on condominium balconies, or under roof overhangs. Feral populations, particularly in Florida, are said to present problems. Feral Muscovy ducks are wary and associate little with other species. Muscovy ducks feed on the roots, stems, leaves, and seeds of aquatic and terrestrial plants, including agricultural crops. They also eat small fishes, reptiles, crustaceans, insects, millipedes, and termites.

Muscovy ducks live alone or in groups of 4 to 12, rarely in large flocks. They are mainly active in the morning and afternoon, feeding on the shores of brackish waters, or in the flood
savannah and underbrush. They often sleep at night in permanent roosts in trees along the river bank. Heavy and low-flying, they are silent and timid. Muscovy ducks swim much less than other ducks, and the males fly poorly. We received comments from States and individuals expressing concern over control of Muscovy ducks in response to the 2006 proposal to add the species to the list of those protected under the MBTA (50 CFR 10.13).


In general, States expressed concern over feral and free-ranging populations of Muscovy ducks present as the result of human activity. For example, one State was concerned that protecting the species under the MBTA

‘‘would severely impede our efforts to manage the feral and free-ranging populations of domestic Muscovy ducks.’’

Individuals expressed concern over property damage and aggressiveness demonstrated by the ducks. The Muscovy duck is an introduced species in many locations in the United States. We believe it is prudent to prohibit activities that would allow release of Muscovy ducks in areas in which they are not native and may compete with native species.

How Do We Control The Species?

We expect control of Muscovy ducks to be undertaken primarily through the use of walk-in baited traps and through shooting. The use of baited traps will greatly limit the potential impacts to other species, especially Passerines, which would be unlikely to enter properly placed traps. Shooting undertaken by State agency or U.S. Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services personnel would be very unlikely to harm other species.

We propose to revise 50 CFR 21.14 to prohibit sale and, in most cases, possession, of Muscovy ducks; to revise § 21.25 to prohibit sale or transfer of captive-bred Muscovy ducks for
hunting; and to add § 21.54 to allow removal of introduced Muscovy ducks from any location in the contiguous United States outside Hidalgo, Starr, and Zapata Counties in Texas, and in Alaska, Hawaii, and U.S. territories and possessions. This removal is in keeping with the Service’s other actions to reduce the spread of introduced species that compete with native species or harm habitats that they use. It also is in keeping with the intent of the Migratory Bird Treaty Reform Act of 2004 (16 U.S.C. 703 (b)), which excluded nonnative
species from MBTA protection. Muscovy ducks are produced in the millions in the United States generally for meat production * * *. No permits are  needed to possess domesticated barnyard fowl.

You may be wondering, “Are Muscovy Ducks Aggressive? Click here to find out.

A Market For The Muscovy Duck

This species is bought and sold in the millions being the most commonly held species of waterfowl in the United States.

‘‘I believe that problems associated with large feral populations of Muscovy ducks are from domesticated varieties raised in captivity that have wandered, or allowed to free range, and not from ‘wild’ type Muscovite imported from Latin America. ‘‘

The proposed regulation’s goal of preventing additional human introduction of Muscovy ducks has great merit. It is far better to prevent populations from establishing than to subject more ducks to control later.

However, the proposed regulation limits acquisition, possession, and propagation for some owners but not for others. Accidental releases from food production are not addressed and could continue to allow Muscovy populations to become established. No clear reason is evident for targeting only Muscovy’s not in food production to prevent additional introductions. Why are Muscovy in food production excepted when this source of accidental releases may be significant?

‘‘The rule should be focused on controlling populations, both feral and domestic, instead of destroying established populations. By controlling populations, the Fish and
Wildlife Service can largely achieve the same goals without many of the potential harmful side effects.’’

If you find this all too confusing, just call Nuisance Wildlife Removal for your nuisance duck problems, and we’ll know what to do.


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38 comments on “Muscovy Ducks

  1. Muscovy Ducks are very nice animals who like humans. So what if they poop in your yard; hoses were made for such purposes. If many humans were half as nice as Muscovy Ducks, this country would be a nicer place. I grew up in Florida and was sick to learn when I returned after being gone for many years that government officials want to get rid of everything non-native. They better hope the Seminoles and Miccosukee don’t decide to do that with the non-native humans. Live and Let Live!

  2. Dear M.S. Murphy,

    If you think that Muscovy ducks are so nice, I would invite you to come to my house and see the damage that they have done to my pool cage by roosting on top of it, not to mention the fact that their disgusting droppings wind up in the pool, in spite of my efforts to hose off the screens. Please be assured, they do not just “poop” in the yard, which is bad enough considering what diseases they might carry.

  3. Just another biased article that do not have any scientific backing or data that can prove that these ducks threaten whatever. I am sick and tired of reading negative articles about the muscovy ducks. They are being treated with so much DISCRIMINATION. They are not the prettiest species but as God’s creation, deserve to live in this world too. So fed up with the thought that because they are not native to Florida WHO CARES??????????

  4. Muscovy ducks are large, aggressive ducks that displace native species. They are a domestic duck, primarily raised for food. Put them on your table, not in your native duck environment!

  5. Muscovy ducks eat insects and mosquitos that pose a much bigger problem to rural and suburan areas than they do. We have over 15 that live year to year and breed around our neighborhood lake. Everyone takes care of them and relishes in the reward of less mosquitos in the summertime! Your problems with them may be that you do not harbor them appropriately with food, love and proper care. You would really start to love them if you adapted to these methods.

  6. Muscovy’s are real good to have wild I think to keep bugs down. If there are to many then people should be aloud to hunt them to eat to keep numbers under control,just like any other wild animals…no need to kill them all; a healthy balance.

    I love my Muscovy’s and I think there the best.

  7. I was running in a public park in Florida and a Muscovy waddle out of a bush at me like a dog wagging its tail. I stopped, and turned to jog the opposite direction, since I had a thought it may be protecting a nest. The duck kicked it into high speed and came at me! It bit me 3 times in the leg and even flew after me as I ran as fast as I could frightened to death. I could not get away fast enough. The duck was not satisfied until he got my leg 3 times and we reached the road side, where he just watched me as I ran across the road to save myself, out of his territory. It seemed to be happy, wagging its tail feather and hissing. I was completely perplexed by this! I have been running in this park all year with no other duck incidences! Any thoughts? Should I seek revenge? Park rangers were off today so I could not reach them.

  8. leave the ducks alone….they eat the bugs…..they have a reason for living…just like everything else…including us….

  9. Muscovy ducks, though ugly, are not a problem on the ground. They are a nuisance and health hazard when they roost individually or in mulitples on pool enclosures. Their droppings are large and runny and leach into the pool water. Children and adults are at risk when they contaminate pools. I appreciate that they eat insects, but I am highly offended by their roosting on pool cages. Muscovys, if we can’t stop their pool cage roosting, must GO AWAY.

  10. These are God’s creatures. I saw a Mama duck have six little babies and within two weeks there were only two left, I have no idea what happened to them. These animals are NOT aggressive in any way .. believe me I am terrified of anthing that flies. The gardeners that come into the development go right up to them and the ducks just waddle away. The Mama duck and the Daddy duck watch out for the babies like a family. One of them is always with the babies. . its a beautiful thing to see them and all the three or four other species together swimming in the lake behind our house. And when the Winter season comes the birds and duck fly here from up North and they all get along. Yes they poop… don’t all of the animals and critters. .. so what ? They eat bugs all day long ..I see it for myself. We live in So. Florida and see no misquitos whatsoever.. Leave them be.

  11. Besides being not native the Muscovy ducks cause damage to property,spread disease, are aggressive, and displace native ducks. Wild hogs are considered non native and hunted and they were put here by Spanish explorers not retarded city planners in the 60’s!

    The only protection they have now is quoted under cruelty laws which determine that no cruel means of death should be used. Simply put all it will take is one person who humanely kills one to have a good lawyer and create a test case(would win in a heartbeat).

  12. its the illumanati, these ducks are awsome! the babies run away from their moms like little kids they play and i named some of them. i will not let anyone kill them, i have stated the ducks in my area my pets and will sue the state if they hurt my ducks!
    the will end up doing population control on humans soon just wait!

  13. The Muscovy ducks I encountered while visiting in Florida were never ever agressive. One hatched eggs in our yard, and I have never seen a more dedicated mother of any species. She would try to fight off carniverous softshell turtles that threatened the young ones in a nearby pond, pecking hard at them. She even dove and rescued one baby from the turtle. Her crying and calling when she & the young were temporarily separated was heartrending. She finally flew to the top of a house and called until somehow they all found each other. I observed them chasing and catching flies & other insects, and eating mosquito larvae in the pond. So yes, their poop needs to be hosed off, but their other activities in insect control make up for it. And they are so entertaining to watch as a family, beats going to a zoo. I am really fond of them.
    I have heard one method of controlling the population might be shaking the eggs before incubation has started. Thus no chicks would incubate. Don’t know if this is legal, but is A more humane method than trapping and killing!!!

  14. I love watching the ducks and would like to see more in my neighborhood. However, there doesn’t seem to be any around.
    With all the bugs here in Florida, I welcome the ducks to help take care of the bugs.

  15. This is bullshit. These are living things with brothers, sisters and mothers. yeah theyve messed up my launa but i feed them coco puffs and there like dogs when they wag theyre tail lol. fuck the government nothing is good about this. we would be better off without the gov un.

  16. People will always invent reasons to rid of different animals. I have a pond with several muscovy ducks as well as two other breeds of ducks and they all co exist just fine. I have no damage anywhere in or around my yard/house from them, and they are friendly. As for not being native, most people arent native, what should we do about them and yes people spread disease too!

  17. I guess it depends on your experience with just “one” muscovy duck. I am an animal lover who has rescued six cats and at one time had a duck as a pet. I was attacked by a muscovy who would not stop trying to bite me. I fell back and it jumped on top of me but luckily I grabed him by his neck and was able to get up and throw him away just in time to enter my screened patio where it flung itself repeatedly in anger. I was wearing long pants so I avoided any bites and since I kicked him several times I was able to get to my door. I am 68 yrs old with a heart condition so I really thought I was going to die that day and was not able to get up for at least two hours of rest. I should have called the paramedics. Now this duck has attacked and biten two other neighbors and a lady walking in our neighborhood who screamed and ran but this duck bit her and would not let go. This was yesterday so I am taking the time to call our association and or trying to have the pest removed. It appears this duck may be a neighbor’s pet. Yesterday it saw me from accross the street and came after me but I got in my car just in time. If it comes after me again I will grab him by the neck and squeeze until he is finished!!!! No not cruel just want to avoid a heart attack. So, see silly people, it is jus a matter of what you have experienced.

  18. Ok i LOVE animals and muskovy ducks . Where i live there are plenty and they do not dare to go near the pool and they keep the mosquitos down but the only problem I HATE (cant stand) is that these kids around here PLAY TOO MUCH THEY THROW ROCKS AND WATER AND KICK THEM i get sooooo livid .!!! They ct like they are a pice of junk (these ducks arent the most beautiful but theye are one of god creation just lile us) . Thhere droppings are bad but not much for me . There is one duck i adore he is nice and he lets me pet him and i knew him science he was born .! C:
    When he was little he entered my house following me .!!! It was sooo adorable and i instantly fell in love with him i hope one day there can be a farm that takes animals into a nice place NOT TO KILL AND EAT THEM BECAUSE THIS IS WHAT I HATE

    If you do not want these ducks i suggest to search up a place that takes ducks in into a big enviroment AMD DO NOT KILL them and FEEDS THEM PROPERLY AND PROVIDE FOR THEM they are like humans there smart nice funny and will steal your hearts . <3.

    _~ be nice to wild life 🙂 <3

  19. Muscovy Ducks are my favorite Duck species. They do not panic but are wary when approached and they seem to “talk” to you as you work amongst them. The bigger the duck the bigger the dropping so they do get a lot of flak. I have sucessfully treated certain places of a large yard where the Muscovy duck is not to go to great success. The owner and the Ducks are still good mates.

  20. Im getting tired to clean daily the front of my house, my car..this pest are eating my flowers and making a total mess my garden, my neighbor feed the animals daily and I don’t know what can I do !!!!

  21. I live on a canal and a Muskovy has hatched 8 babies on a roof. She keeps bringing them to the edge and even getting on the ground calling them. Will they survive a 10 foot drop? The surroundings are grass, concrete, and wood patio, she keeps taking them to the edge where the concrete is! I’m wondering if this is natural or if we should get up and get them down for her?

  22. We have 12 to 15 Muscovy ducks on our neighborhood pond. They are friendly, and spend most of the day resting in the shade. I have fed many ducks cracked corn from my back door for 2 years. Mother Muscovy ducks make the best mothers I have seen in the animal kingdom. Watching her pass on the skills they will soon need is amazing! I did see one drake peck a persons hand. Someone had been feeding the drake from their hand. That person moved away and the duck still associated hand with food. It was hungry, therefore thought the food would be in the hand that was held out to it. The Muscovies are certainly misunderstood by mis-informed people most of the time. I wish they were amoung the protected species. I wish everyone could spend time with them and other wildlife.
    Humans over the years have tried to justify annihilating many species and even races. People who purchase homes on water and yet do not welcome the wildlife that goes with the territory always puzzled me. I wish I had the means to buy property with a pond, or two. I would make it a wildlife haven, for through no fault of their own, need a place to live their approximate 10 years out in peace. A pond or rwo would not offer refuge to a lot of Muscovy ducks, but it would be a start. Please, everyone take time to observe, and learn from the wildlife we have been given. Discarding life just because a minority wants them pushed aside really concerns me. There are thousands of Muscovies. If one now and then mis-behaves, there is a reason for it. And why should the rest pay the consequences? I love Geese also, but they are far more aggresive than a Muscovy. A teacher in our area was just arrested for disorderly conduct. Does that mean we should all go to jail? Keep the Mucovies, they each eat 100 to 200 bugs a day!

  23. Three years ago, I was brought 3 baby ducks from 3 different
    parts of town…their mothers had been killed. Two, a male and a female paired off. The second male was so young, he imprinted to me and thinks he is human. One day, a hawk flew into their fenced in area and ate the chest out of a live duck. the others were in shock and we put a manequin from my former flower shop in their yard and started bringing them in at night to sleep in the pet room. When loose in the house, we diapered them and they became pets, no different than our dogs. Before this, I had no idea how affectionate ducks were.
    My one male, would not go outside, until I picked him up and gave him his kiss on the beak and he would be so happy, he shook his tail, just like a dog. They love being held, hugged, and kisses. My female, Luciana,flew up onto the roof,
    so we clipped her wings. I never thought Luciano would leave her as he was always step for step behind her, but one day he discovered his wings and flew off into the neighborhood, not knowing how to get back. We went looking for him and oh, he was so happy to see her and ran to us, but seeing the car, got scared and ran off. I last saw him on Christmas day, in a pond next to the grocery store and he ran to me, in response to my throwing kisses and calling his name…but the traffic was heavy and he was scared…so he ran back and then flew off. Everyone who has seen him says he is always alone and looks so sad. Every day we look, but tomorrow we will check two apartment complexes that have ducks and are very protective of the ducks, taking Luciana with us to try, one last time to get him home. While looking for him, we realized all the ducks in our neighborhood, and we had many, had
    disappeared. A neighbor tole me she had raised a duck and a man came, waived a paper at her saying he had permission, had shot the duck in her front yard with a tranquilzer gun and drove out of her driveway, with her duck she’d raised for 2 years. In my search, everyone asks me what happened to all the ducks. We have 8 or 10 canals in our neighborhood and those few who are glad the ducks are gone(maybe six out of 200 people) don’t realize that with all the ducks gone, mosquitoes will now become a problem. Most of the people here have lived here 20, 30, or even 40 years…they loved the ducks and we have signs that read: “Wildlife Entering Roadway”, but we no longer have wildlife the man with the gun took them all. One elderly man I asked if he’d seen any ducks, was very upset, saying he thought someone was taking them for local Asian restaurants. If we don’t get Luciano home soon, we will have to give up, the whole situation, knowing how loving he is, has made me ill and Luciana very depressed. I don’t understand the hatred of Moscovy ducks…they have surprised me with how affectionate they are and my imprinted duck follows me, grooms my feet and when I’ve left the house, he hears the car and meets me at the door…so happy to see me. The managers of all the apartment complexes I’ve gone to are stunned at the photos of the ducks, laying on their backs to be diapered, sleeping in a doggy bed with a blanket over them, walking on a leash…they all tell me they will never look at a duck in the same way. I plan to write an article on this, include photos to make people aware…everyone says the same thing: “you must make the public aware of what wonderful pets they can be…I will never look at ducks in the same way”. I hope we find him and bring him home…he is so sad, but so afraid. For my few neighbors who are glad they are gone because they worry about them pooping on their driveway, I want them to know the tradeoff may be mosquitoes and algae clogged canals. If you want to see photos, email me and I will email you photos of these wonderful pets. One thing no one ever mentions is that my Luciana, lays eggs that are twice the size of my hen’s eggs and she is half their size. So, they may be a little poopy for some, but they make wonderful pets, love to ride in the car with me, love my cats, and lay huge eggs! The pluses if you remember they eat 100 to 200 bugs a day, outweigh the negatives! Email me if you want to see photos, at: I live in Florida.

  24. Ok! Here’s the scoop! We the American public in no matter what shape, form or fashion love animals. We love them so much we increase the population of wildlife 3 to 10 fold in certains areas of the U.S. How? We put up feeders, wildlife feeders, food plots to enhance residential areas or we grow the field crops or duck type grasses to call them to your area, but no matter, we do it to ourselves. How many Billions of dollars do we spend on wildlife food? Yes! Billions and Billions!. So! What if we stop feeding the Wrens, blue Jays and Squirrels and Duckies out there? What will become of our wildlife populations. Well, for one thing, the predators would starve to death or move on to attacking more children. Coyotes, Wild domesticated cats and dogs should shrink. Where in the world did all those Opossums and Raccoons come from? Their everywhere! I’m being told by several hunter friends down in South Florida, the Florida Panther is multiplying by leaps and bounds, due to the Python invasion. Yes, I know the pythons get there share. Who’s culling the Panther’s in secret? The question is, when do we stop the feeding frenzy? Where does it all stop? We should blame ourselves for this buildup of wildlife and not specific populations. Guess what? We don’t! As the world human population grows…so will the enhanced wildlife population. I only see we are the problem and not the animals, yet we open the doors to more hunting and fishing, getting away from the natural way of doing things. Life goes on to help keep the Good Ole Red Blooded America Happy through Economics. Wow! Look at the up side of all this (the big Picture)?

  25. Muscovy ducks, are beautiful, and they need to be treated humanely!

    Hearing the recent news of ducks being shot with arrows, I just want to scream!

    Take time to observe these animals, and their babies, and just enjoy the nature of it all!

    Relocate the ducks, so they can live without being harmed, especially from humans (We are supposed to be the smarter race!)

  26. To ALL THOSE who are “sick and tired” of hearing negative comments about Muskovy Ducks, and to ALL THOSE who are in anyway in a huff and a puff about hearing negative remarks (also known as truth and facts of life, realism; not personal opinions!) wise up and grow up: Me, myself, I and many who convey serious problems with the invasion of Muskovy Ducks, along with Wild Life Officials I have met, see how fond you are of Muskovy Ducks, NOT NATIVE (here we go, more ILLEGALS in The United States of America) to The United States of America, that crap their feces all over yards, walkways, driveways, playground areas in parks which spread their diseased germs filth for Human Beings and Pets, and Human Beings include innocent children. It is on the TV News local and national, OFTEN, the serious and severe problems these literally useless filth mongers a.k.a. muskovy ducks (not worth nor worthy to capitalize the first letter of their waste species) burden people with. The most serious issue being spreading of germs which cause illness and death. In addition is the constant cleaning up day after day and night after night of their filth germ feces. Myself, and I suspect many other VICTIMS of musckovy ducks, am disabled. I have to use a walker or cane to get around. I have to dodge feces droppings every day morning and evening which is very difficult for me and a CONSTANT risk and danger of falling. And I have slipped and fallen in their filthy feces and took on the financial burden of having to wear a Lifeline Alert because of it. And have had to use the Life Alert Line to go to the hospital via ambulance due to the muskovy ducks. And can not let my children play in my yards nor the park playground across the street because of muscovy duck germ droppings. Furthermore, these utterly useless illegal species are aggressive, arrogant, stubborn and will NOT MOVE from street nor driveway when cars come and go and have caused numerous accidents over the decade I have lived where I do in Seminole County FL. Some of you made the absurd comments that muscovy ducks are gentle, friendly, love humans. That would be a laugh if not for a serious matter. Are you people actually insane and stark raving mad?! You are not describing muskovy ducks!! The Wild Life Officers and Officials I know and I know many, have said to me when I ask their opinion of muskovy ducks, that they are a nuisance, aggressive, stubborn, spread filth and germs, are non native to the United States and that they URINATE ALONG WITH AND SAME TIME AS WHEN THEY LEAVE THEIR FECES DROPPINGS, WHICH IS ACIDIC!
    They also tell me that it is LEGAL for a citizen and resident to KILL the muskovy ducks when the muskovys are on their property!! It is ILLegal however, to kill the ILLegal invaders if not on private property. I despise, loathe, detest, hate the muskovy ducks more than words can express or convey. To me, they are my White Whale and that is a true fact. I now see how Capt. Ahab felt about Moby Dick. Especially Capt Ahab’s last words as he stabbed Moby Dick regarding HATE and HELL!
    Here is a logical reasonable and rational question along with Food For Thought; since the muskovy ducks roam free to breed further useless filth in their offspring, roam free in woods and the wilds… come they have to intrude onto and into human areas such as parks and private residences?! For those looney people who like muskovy ducks and are under the dillusions that they are gentle, friendly and like humans (they only approach humans stupid enough to feed them and to attack them!) round them all up and keep them confined on and in your private properties! See how much you worship and defend them when you and yours get seriously ill from the germs they spread, the clean up you have to do each day, (perhaps not, perhaps you nuts enjoy filth and germs) You fools feed them in parks, where they are illegal invaders and intruders. Try dealing with them on your own property. By all means, take each and everyone on your own property. You deserve it. Here is a QUESTION: I wonder and have wondered how come all the other breeds of ducks in the parks have not and do not leave the parks to trespass on human private property?! All of my life since age 3, I loved and adore animals and am a lifetime member of the Humane Society of the United States. In my entire lifetime, there is only one being I hate and would love to kill and that is the muskovy duck. Because of their arrogance, aggressiveness , stubborn ways and stupidity, I have seen them get run over many times in the decade I have lived where I do, because they will not budge from driveways nor streets. Dozens of times over 10 years from my front windows, I see them run over by accident and run down on purpose. My friends are all very gentle and decent, compassionate, but they have made no effort to stop when muskovy ducks sit stubborn in driveways and streets. In addition to all the negative true facts about muskovy ducks, they bring out the worst in otherwise kind, compassionate, gentle people! I never ever thought I would be capable to ill a living being, until the muskovy ducks darkened my life and task me and task me like Moby Dick’s Capt. Ahab. The muskovy ducks are literally my white whale. They are here illegally. They have no good attributes at all. They are more ugly inside than outside and that is the epitome of ugly. Absolutely nothing positive about those freaks of nature. So the gloves and all bets are off!

  27. I am sick to death of people who would harm or kill this gentle
    loving duck, and yet dare to describe themselves as being kind
    and compassionate…sorry that is illogical.

    Very narrow minded people target these animals and trappers
    count on maligning them as a way to increase their profits by
    targeting them. I live in a development that had 20 ducks (325
    homes), we also have a dozen canals and pond. I’ve lived here
    for 14 years and the reason we moved here was because of the ducks. In 14 years, we only had to spray here once for mosquitoes. Muscovy ducks eat 73,000 mosquitoes, mosquito larvae, and slugs, each, annually. They also eat algae, aquatic plants, and dead roots. Once the Muscovy ducks moved into our area, we had no need to spray for mosquitoes, and I live in Florida. Now, someone had a trapper come in and take
    them by shooting them with a tranquilizer gun, and all are gone. The mosquitoes are getting really bad, and yes, you who harbor hatred for this duck will say: “Spray!” Yes, pollute the atmosphere, let the sprays seep through the ground, into our wells…there are no consequences for that right? Like most hatred, this is promoted by ignorance and an unwillingness to understand the cohesion of our environment and how we need to coexist in this planet, with the animals.

    Muscovy ducks date back to 700 B.C. when so revered by the Incas, only the emperor was allowed to eat them on special occasions. In Egypt, drawings of the Muscovy duck appear on the walls of tombs as warriors, because of their protection of home and hearth. It is only modern man who displays a complete ignorance of the wonderful redeeming features of this duck. Once you come to really know this duck, you can’t help but be aware of how smart, affectionate, and loving they are…mine watch TV! I had never known that much about ducks, even though when my kids were little, I raised all we ate, but had never had ducks. Then these Muscovy ducks lost their mothers and were brought to me as babies and now, like the Incas, I have come to revere them as special. So, protecting this duck from callas, unfeeling, people has become my goal in life. Actually, I feel sorry for those who hate this duck…you don’t know what you are missing! May the almighty take revenge against those who malign and murder one of his best creations, simply out of ignorance!

  28. There are some cruel people making comments but then again the world seems to be full of cruelty . I don’t like the killing of any animal , it isn’t their fault that someone brought them here or that they are a part of this world . I am outraged that my neighbor is trapping and killing the ducks in my area and think these wildlife trapping people that kill them suck. If there were more good caring people in this world to all living beings it would be a better place. And I have not had one single aggressive duck in my yard other than protecting her babies.

  29. August 5, 2013
    A delightful experience buying bananas
    By Waymon
    I planned to attend the budget meeting at city hall in Dundee at 6:30; however, we had a thunderstorm that knocked out the electricity at city hall.

    I stopped by Dell Lake to feed my adopted ducklings. I had eight beautiful wild baby ducklings three days ago but two have gone missing. I am hopeful that someone took them but I am fearful that a predator has harmed them. The little ducklings are so full of life and are filling the measure of their creation… I hope and pray they will live to become Hens or Drakes. I look forward to feeding them morning, noon, and night. The mother hen is protective against an intruding duck. She gets between the intruding duck and her little ducklings. When the other duck get too close to the little ducks their mother will nudge the other duck away. The father duck (Drake) is a bully and often picks the little ones to shoo them away from food. The mother duck is teaching her babies how to swim and forage for food. She cannot protect them from other large predators like Hawks or Gators in Lake Dell. The mother duck seems happy and content even though two of her babies are gone. She wags her tail when I give her food and acts as if nothing happened to the two ducklings that are gone. I suppose it is common with ducks but it makes me sad…

    I was driving home but wanted some bananas so I turned around and stopped at Halls Fresh Produce Stand at 105 Dundee Road or Hwy 542. I met two sweet beautiful girls: Kylie, age nine, and her cousin Dacada ten years old. Their grandmother was in the back of the store; the girls were very helpful and waited on me with excitement and enthusiasm. I ask, “Do you have any bananas?” The girls said, “They are around the corner on the bench. I walked around the corner and the bench was empty. A cardboard sign read Bananas $ .39 cents. Kylie and Dacada hurried in the back of the store and brought out several bunches of bananas. I selected the four bananas I wanted.
    When I got into the car and started to leave I wanted to get the girls names so I could write a little article about them and to help keep this special moment in my person history diary. I was amazed at how they were trained at so young an age to wait on me. The grandmother came out to see if the girls needed help with the cash register. She asks Dacada, “Do you know how to handle the cash register?” She said, “Yes.” The cash register was about as tall as Dacada. She was a pro, she weighed the bananas, enter the cost, and rung us the sale of $ .85. She took my dollar and returned the correct change of $ .15; much better that some teens at fast food restaurants.
    When I ask the girls for their names the grandmother came out to see why I wanted the girl’s names. I told her that I wanted to write an article about the experience of buying bananas from the girls. The grandmother and I had a conversation about America. We were both concerned about our economy and political leaders… I was glad the budget meeting was cancelled and had this delightful experience buying bananas form two little Angels.

  30. This muscovy duck has displaced many beautiful birds in Florida.

    This particular duck does not belong in Florida and has caused an ecological imbalance.

    Perhaps the lovers of this bird should adopt them and allow them to run rampant in their pools, on their lawns, atop their roofs and allowed to play freely with their children. They should also be happy to track their feces inside their home via their shoes.

    Perfect solution.

  31. To all those that have commented negatively toward the gentle, kind, Muscovy duck I have a bit of info for you.
    Did you know that there was a Muscovy Duck in the war in Italy in 1943? Yes true story duck haters, a real live Muscovy Duck served as acting unpaid Corporal Haggis, A Scots Grey of the 1939/45 War, Corporal Haggis was buried with full military honours! Check out the book.
    Now for all of you duck haters gulp that down, have you done anything that impressive?For the lady who claims a muscovy chased her down while jogging, I dont believe that one bit, muscovies are NOT agressive. Muscovy ducks are magnificent creatures plain and simple.
    This article is prejudice toward Muscovy’s and that is unfair.

  32. I have read all your comments. Some facted based, most are emotion motivated responses. I own and operate an Animal Control business. I don’t depend on duck removal to support me but is a service I provide. When I get involved it is because your HOA, who runs and represents your community has contracted with me for the removal. Or someone has contacted and hired me to take care of a health and safety problem or to do damage control. There are many situations that we deal with. A large part of my business is rescue and recovery so the thought that trappers are all out to kill is out the window.
    The Muscovy duck is a none native species and was brought here by humans. They did not migrate naturally. The thought that a hand full of birds could control a mosquito population is silly. These birds eat a verity of things from insects to small fish and plant life. Of course people want to think they are taking care of them so they cram tons of bread and crackers down their throats, when really they are causing problems for the birds. No bird has to be fed to suppliment it’s diet. Bottom line, the people that have givin me hell over duck control never have anything to do with these ducks until they become a problem for everyone else. They are are not cleaning up feathers or power washing sidewalks or feeding the ducks a real balanced diet. For those who do take care of their ducks and control the population by picking up or addling eggs or giving contraceptive meds to the ducks, than you really should leave us all alone and let us take care of them how the law sees fit. If what you do is not the solution, then you are the problem!

  33. As usual, the people who speak so nicely about these birds have little to no experience with Muscovy ducks. Another thing to remember is, people in animal control deal with this problem every day of the year and know what a problem they are and how their populations get out of hand. Most people who get mad reading these post never deal with these birds at any other time in their life. only when they get fired up reading something they know nothing about. Bottom line. If you don’t do anything in your life to help the situation, then you are part of the problem!

  34. I have a muscovy duck that hangs under a portion of my roof. Can the duck damage the roof? Is there something that can be put up on the roof to deter the duck from coming back? Thank you.

  35. Ok, Before all of you try and criticises me for my point of view, let me say something about the “Friendly” ducks. The males are arrogant, refuse to move for cars, crap everywhere, literally rapes female ducks (Have you SEEN ducks mate, I feel bad and want to put soothing cream on the females after the male mounts and “mates” with her), and are generally a annoying pest. The females are no better (and ironically no smarter too). The build nests in dangerous places, attack and bite children who fumble into their nest/chicks, still don’t move for incoming traffic and worst of all, POOPS EVERYWHERE. I can not insist more on this subject, their feces is a force to be reckoned with. The scat stains, the poop paints the sidewalks/porch, their defecate defiles my neighborhoods pool, and the list goes on and on. I know you animal lovers will all be like, “Love all of God’s Creatures” or “Every living thing deserves to live”, but I have a counter for that. If God has a reason and a role for everything, then why has he let the U.S.A or other major countries go to hell so much, corruption literal runs in our political figures veins. And the excuse “God gave us Free Will” only stretches so far. It is really sad how far we have fallen (Then again, the US was founded by the rejects and uncultured people sent from Europe, so go figure). Am I getting off topic? Sorry, I sometimes go on a rant about politics, so lets go back to the stupid duckers.

    I do agree that some of you have a point about not mercilessly killing ducks, but the population should be monitored or controls to a certain extent. I mean, come on, control the ducks! For example, in my condominium, there is, say, about 6 ducks per complex. And there is like 15-20 complexes. So, 6*15-20 = around 90-120 per condo company. And there is <3 condominium companies! That is just fowl!
    Sorry, had to make that joke.

    The point is, we should first try to relocate the ducks, or safely remove them. But if they have infested too much of an area, because of the risk of avian flu or some rampant bird feces disease, then we may have to resort to humane euthanasia, but no shooting. For God's sake, we have KFC who do all the bird related violence, we don't need public contribution!

  36. I work in Lake Mary there is a Muscovy duck with a injured leg or foot that is hanging around the man made pond. He hobbles around doesn’t swim and probably can’t fly. I have tried contacting numerous rescues but no-one wants to assist in helping this duck. (due to budgets etc)
    Any-one know who I can call to get his duck help?


  37. my name is jerry we have muscovy ducks we love our ducks we have 4 acres fenced in and the ducks come up at
    night with our geese to the tractor shed where i close them up at night with food and water we have lights on in there for them with bedding i really enjoy them and our geese and chickens we live in mississippi as of right just got 5 acres of land in tennessee will be starting on fenceing it in and getting them a barn and having a pond dug for them to enjoy i wish i had more muscovy ducks i would pay to adopt some

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