What are Moles? [Lakewood Ranch Mole Trapper]

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A mole who has come up from his tunnel into the daylight.

What are MOLES?

Moles live in the ground and prefer to eat insects as opposed to plants in your garden. But, the tunnels they create underground virtually CAN wreck your garden and/or your lawn as well. A side effect of mole damage is that this creates more easy access to your lovely garden for other rodents. If you suspect any mole damage in your yard in Lakewood Ranch feel free to get with us for a free estimate on trapping. Moles are sort of bizarre small creatures who have pointed muzzle, itty bitty eyes and a body strangely shaped similar to a baking potato. When they move– they use their front flipper-like feet to paw forward in a swimming motion, which parts the soil. They can be active year round in many climates, and usually get busy moving in the morning or evening. Also, if there has been a warm rain, you are likely to see them out and about.

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A very distinct characteristic of the mole is their hairless and pointed nose or snout. Additionally, they have such small eyes and ears and those are hidden behind a layer of fur. They do not have external ears. Their front feet are large compared to their body with toes that are connected via a webbing.

What is MOLE damage?

What does mole damage look like?

Large field with mounds of soil in various spots in shape of volcanoes.
  • Moles most often feed on grubs, earthworms, other soil organisms and pest insects.
  • In order to find them, moles often dig about 10″ down below the grass- unlike their doppler the vole who is a vegetarian. Check your soil and lawn for their tunnels.
  • First, you will see the raised mounds at the surface, on top of the lawn.
  • Also, you might see mounds of dirt that are similar looking to volcanoes.
  • Ridges in your lawn are tunnels that are close to the grassy area and indicates mole activity.

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