Black Snake Removal [Sarasota, FL]

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Here is a video of a recent situation where we were called about a snake problem.


Below are some facts about snakes and snake behavior that we thought you would find helpful.


The most valuable thing to know is that most snakes are not venomous and just about none of them are aggressive. So for the most part, a snake is not likely to come toward you intending to attack you.. (remember the rattle is your warning but they are not on the offensive here and not moving toward you at that point) Most snakes will leave a frightful scenario, some will hold their place however, if you leave them alone, they will also (most likely) leave you alone.


Common to all snakes is that they have no eyelids and they smell with their tongue. When they flick their tongue out, its as if they are tasting the air. Most snakes lay eggs but some give birth to live young. Snakes can not chew, so they swallow their food whole.


Many people have a fear of snakes. It can cause even adults to get up on chairs, trembling and visibly upset. Even if it is irrational, the fear is still very real for some people.  Even for those who do not have a full on phobia– snakes can still be very upsetting. Often it is due to lack of knowledge pertaining to snakes. Since many do not know which ones are venomous and which are not, they are alarmed around any snake.

For your handy information, feel free to review our page with info on all Venomous snakes in our immediate central Florida area.

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