Fun Facts About Moles

Fun Facts About Moles

  1. Moles have voracious appetites. –Did you know that if a mole is deprived of food, it may die of starvation in just a few hours?
  2. Moles are not entirely solitary creatures. –Did you know that Moles will fight to the death to defend their territory? But, many times, they do not live by themselves.
  3. Moles do not always make molehills. –If you see a mound of dirt near the opening of a mole burrow, all that is telling you is that the soil is soft and easy to dig up. If the soil is more firm, the Mole will make smaller piles more frequently around the “doors” to their home.
  4. Moles like it quiet. –They build their highways where food is present and noise is not. Since the Mole is dependent upon its ability to hear an earthworm moving upward from below the tunnel, or downward from above the tunnel, it really requires a rather quiet locale. If there is heavy equipment around that is likely to make them move to another place.
  5. Lawns that have Bermuda grass have stronger resistance to moles. The reason being is that Bermuda puts out longer shooter strands, up to two meters (6 feet) away from the individual blades of grass across the top of the ground. This causes much more tension and the moles can not get around very easily.


Everything about moles is not that bad.

If they are present in conservative numbers, moles can be desirable for killing grubs in the lawn. Grubs kill grass and young shrubs. A white grub is usually just an appetizer to the main attraction for the mole which is the earthworm.

Also soil gets moved around quite a bit with mole activity. Their tunneling causes the soil to be moved and aerated, and carries nutrients deeper into the earth. They carry mineral-rich material up to the surface and that makes more nutrients available to plants. So that is, in fact, a very good thing. If you have just a few moles that aren’t killing plants or causing eyesores you may decide to just live and let them live.

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  1. […] Moles are small mammals adapted to an underground lifestyle. They have cylinder shaped bodies, velvety fur, tiny and hard to detect eyes and ears. Their hindlimbs are quite small relative to their front limbs that have large paws which are adapted for digging. Did you know they can dig at approximately 18 feet per hour? They usually feed on assorted insect pests, including earthworms, grubs and other tiny creatures that live in the soil. When you see a mound of dirt on your lawn from a Mole, it is because he is on the hunt for survival! Mole tunnels are usually 10 inches underground, unless they are just surface scanning looking for a mate. Then they would be nearer to the top of the lawn. Actually moles could be called the super heroes of digging! Their deep tunnels can be anywhere from two inches to five feet underground. However, it should be noted that the quantity of mounds in your yard does not necessarily correspond to the number of moles in your yard. […]

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