Storms Bring Animals Inside

Storms Drive Wildlife To Your House For Shelter

The official Atlantic storm season is from June 1st to November 30th. What we see here a lot at Nuisance Wildlife Removal is animals driven into people’s homes by high winds and flooding of their natural habitat. It is only natural to head for high ground as water encroaches.

If you’ve ever looked in your attic or upper crawl space, you can see that it is dark and dry. This is very inviting to a rat or raccoon trying to keep their babies safe and dry during a storm or it’s aftermath.

Prevent Unwanted Animal Visitors From Homesteading

Nuisance Wildlife Removal Inc. offers free inspections to your home and property, to assure that all possible entrances to your home are covered or excluded, to prevent any non-intended habitation by wildlife during the coming storm season.

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