Fun Facts About Bats [Wildlife Removal Services in Lakewood Ranch]

BATS [Wildlife Removal Services Lakewood Ranch]

Believe it or not, BATS  are the world’s only true flying mammal. They are very beneficial and can eat their weight in insects, even those pesky mosquitoes, and in doing so they keep nature in balance.

A cluster of bats some hanging upside down by their feet.


Bats become a problem when they have found a way to take up residence within an occupied building or home. Bats are not beneficial when this happens, and they need to be dealt with by a professional ASAP. How can I know if there are bats in my home? Sometimes it is as simple as you or a neighbor seeing them fly out of a particular area of your home at dusk. Other times you may notice what appears to be small black grains of rice on the ground or stuck to your exterior walls, this is guano (bat droppings which extreme caution should be used when trying to remove or clean). If you have observed any of these things, please call a trusted professional at Nuisance Wildlife Removal. We service Lakewood Ranch and other surrounding areas. You may even have a foul odor or stench coming from one particular room, this would be from the guano in the attic, when the temperature rises it tends to make the smell stronger. More often than not, some people can hear them scampering about or even making the high pitched “chattering” that they do. Bats can live nearly everywhere people can live. Although they prefer a much warmer climate like that of attics, chimneys, wall, or high-rise office and apartment buildings. In nature they can usually be found in trees or caves. Bats are attracted to areas with especially mild climates and lots of insects.

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  • The smallest mammal alive today is the bumblebee bat. Found only in Thailand and Myanmar, the bumblebee bat is no bigger than a bee and weighs only about as much as a dime. The tiny bat beats its wings so fast that it can hover in place like a hummingbird and is so rare that it was unknown to science until 1974.
  • Some bats can walk. Vampire bats, for instance, often crawl undetected onto the bodies of their sleeping prey to bite them and sip their blood.
  • Researchers believe that Anoura fistulata, the nectar bat from Ecuador, is the only bat that can pollinate the flowering plant, Centropogon nigricans.
  • The Mexican free-tailed bat is the fastest flying mammal with a top speed of 60 miles per hour (97 kph).

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