Tired Of Snakes In Your Yard?


Serpent Guard
Serpent Guard Snake Repellent

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has been receiving an alarmingly high amount of snake calls this year compared to the last few years. With the inconsistent weather we have been experiencing. The odds are much higher than usual that you’ll see a snake in your yard or even your house this season. With all of the rain and increased heat the snakes are looking for a nice cool, dry place to “hang-out.” 

Most of our calls have been for harmless black racers, king snakes, corn snakes and loads of rat snakes. We have found these in various places such as home owners bedroom closet, kitchen cupboards, garages and pools/ pool equipment.  Even though these snakes are non-venomous they can still strike / bite you. They won’t leave behind any poison but the bite can lead to infection or other disease.  We have also come in contact with a few venomous snakes this year several eastern diamond back rattle snakes and a coral snake, which is often confused with the king snake.  


We not only offer removal of snakes from residential / commercial properties but also offer a service to keep them away. Serpent guard is one of our newest products. It is an all natural product that is applied on the exterior of your property and is safe for both children & pets. Give us a call today and let us keep the slithers away! 1-866-263-wild.