Coyote Problems in Panther Ridge [Lakewood Ranch,FL]

2 coyotes caught on night vision camera.


As of 2007 Coyotes have been recorded in all 67 Florida counties.  Encounters are becoming more frequent between people and coyotes and as a result, they may begin to lose some fear of people. Consequently, coyotes also can get more difficult to scare away once the fear of people is lost. So, like other wild animals, this behavior (their fear or lack of it) will vary between animals. There have been several reports of coyote attacks on dogs and cats over recent years in Florida. Sometimes the owners were present at the attacks, however, and the humans were not targeted in those attacks.

    • Typical Coyotes weigh between 24-37 lbs

    • Coat color is from gray to rust brown

    • Use negative reinforcement – loud noises, throw rocks or spray with garden hose

    • Do not walk dogs during dawn or dusk hours

    • It’s a good idea to carry a boat whistle if hiking or walking a dog

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