Keeping Pets Safe from Snakes

Avoiding a Snake Encounter

To avoid snakes is really a rather difficult task. The main suggestion given is to try to keep the pet indoors as much a possible during the season when snakes are highly active.  According to the school of veterinary medicine that is April -October.  However this is likely very difficult to impossible for many pet owners.

Well, as far as snakes are concerned- keep in mind that most snakes want to be left alone… However when a curious pup comes along sniffing every hole in the ground, tree trunk, and leaf pile, BOOM they can get a strike from a serpentine creature that neither of you were planning on.

It is possible that your dog would be out playing when such an encounter occurs– and so, you might suddenly find your pet in distress, and not doing well. But, if you ARE with your pup walking on a trail, etc when a snake bite occurs.. Try to get a picture of the snake for reference. If your pet has been bitten, seek medical care for it immediately.

dog on leafy trail


If your pet is acting unwell — the animal might be in shock. The following actions are recommended to treat your pet and keep them safe. You must act quickly to give your dog the best chance for a full recovery.


Examine the dog or cat, by looking him over closely. Probe the back and down the legs.

Take note of any swollen areas.

—if you do NOT see a laceration, scratch etc., the culprit causing the issue is not visible so, therefore, could be a bite.

Carry the animal to a clean smooth area such as a tile floor, where you have good lighting.

Examine and look for puncture wounds they will likely have blood coming out.

If it has been bitten by a venomous snake, the swelling will be apparent and move rapidly up the leg.


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Animal is not acting like theirself

The animal yelps/cries out in pain

Swelling on the paws, face or legs






Difficulty Breathing




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Restrict the animal’s activity – this will reduce the effect of the venom.

Seek medical assistance immediately.

For more info from a veterinary source click here 


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