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If you happen to see something like this on your patio, you may need Opossum removal! [Lakewood Ranch, FL]


Opossum feeding from Pet dish

What is a very big no-no that you can see happening in this image? Well, it appears that the opossum is feeding out of a home owner’s pet dish! Having a pet’s food dish outside is like putting out a broadcast signal to all the wildlife in your area. Free for all! Come and get the food! The problem with that is, that whatever is attracted to the food, will soon be looking for a safe nesting area and they will most likely be checking for entry points into your home or garage. If you see an opossum anywhere in your area and would like to have it trapped and removed in Lakewood Ranch. Give us a call!

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What does it mean when an opossum plays “possum”?

Well, first of all the Virginia opossum has rather protruding sharp teeth and in appearance could be like something out of a fright movie rather than a living animal. But the opossum is actually not a dangerous one. The phrase to “play possum” is all about “freezing” to the point where the opossum literally falls over, appearing to have passed out or died! This behavior can be involuntary and occurs when the animal is scared. Its body shuts down and the opossum drops over on its side, with its teeth showing ferociously. Further, it can emit a foul smell. This may only last minutes or as much as hours before the opossum is righted again and goes back to its typical activities.

If you should happen to see one, it’s best not to conclude that it is dead. Vacate the outdoor area, including your pets so that the opossum can revive and continue along on its way.

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Opossum playing dead.

Opossums usually only come out at night making them nocturnal creatures. As a result they are difficult to find. To find an Opossum, go out in nature at dawn or dusk. To identify if you have had opossum activity around your home or yard, look for any noticeable tracks. Do you have an area with sand? Look for the impressions that the foot would leave. You may even want to photograph any prints and date them to check later to try to identify the animal.

Pocket Guide to Florida Animal Tracks

For more information and a FREE INSPECTION/ESTIMATE Call 1-866-263-WILD or (941)729-2103. We are your expert for humane opossum trapping, exclusion, and removal as well as property restoration in Lakewood Ranch, Bradenton, Englewood, North Port and surrounding areas. Call us or contact us via our website service request form today!!

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