Do I need Professional Raccoon Removal? [Parrish, FL]

Do I need Professional Raccoon Removal? [Parrish, FL]

This is the last thing you want to encounter….

Raccoon in dark place with bright white eyes.

You might ask, “How might a Raccoon enter my home in Parrish and do I need a Professional to get him out?”

Many things are possible. First of all, a raccoon could investigate a crawl space and use the space to build a nest in and have babies there. If that happens, then a build up of raccoon waste can occur and also structural damage to insulation etc. It is also possible that Raccoons can cause much damage from chewing on electrical wires.  If you hear scratching sounds or chattering sounds above the ceiling tiles in your home, it is time to call a pro! What you do not want is to have the babies fall down into the crack spaces in your walls from the attic. If a baby raccoon falls down there, most likely they will become trapped. When raccoons are heard and appear to be in such difficult places as this, you should hire a pro.

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Did you know that Raccoons are common throughout Florida, even in the Keys? You can find them nearly everywhere there is water and shelter.


It is true that Florida raccoons are not as large as raccoons in the North USA?

The adults only weigh 6-20 pounds, the same as a rather large house cat. Their description is that of a bushy tail with brown and black rings going up- and a black bank robbers mask on their face.

Since these animals are so common throughout the state of Florida, it is likely that you will encounter one on your property or in your neighborhood at some point. Its a good idea to keep fruit picked up from your yard and disposed of, as well as keep trash and garbage disposed up as carefully and frequently as possible. If you ever have any questions about whether these animals or any other wildlife has entered your home, please don’t hesitate to call us!

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