Hogs Gone Wild

image showing destructin by wild hogsHogs Routing And Rutting Will Destroy A Beautiful Area

If wild hogs start digging up your lawn, don’t try to deal with it on your own. Let the experts at Nuisance Wildlife Removal take care of your pig problems.

Hog problems usually begin in the spring but are worsened by heavy rains. The rains push the hogs from low-lying creeks and swamps into residential areas in search of food.

Wild Hogs Are Public Domain

The hogs are considered domestic livestock and become property of the landowner once they wander onto their property, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

“It’s up to the people what they want to do with them, as long as they’re not violating any animal cruelty,” said Joy Hill, FWC spokeswoman.”

Some wild hogs have tusks and will occasionally charge at humans, especially if someone comes between a sow and her babies, said Bill Giuliano, a University of Florida wildlife conservation professor and extension specialist.
Hogs are “opportunistic” eaters, he said, and will eat just about anything, plant or animal. No one knows for sure how many feral pigs live in Florida, he said, but it is estimated to be at least 750,000.

Do Not Panic – Call The Experts

If hogs show up in your yard, give Nuisance Wildlife Removal a call at 866-263-WILD. We’ll set traps, then haul away the intruders.

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