Wild Boars Are Vicious

Wild Boars Are Vicious

Friday morning, there were four people that were hurt, after two wild hogs entered a bank! This ocurred in a small town in Germany according to the German Newspaper The Local.

A wild boar mother tends to her piglets. Photo credit: Markus Scroeder on Flickr

The damages that occurred were that one person lost a part of his finger. There was an injury of a leg by someone.One hog ran away into the forest. There was another one that police attempted to trap in the bank, however it squeezed through the door and under a vehicle. This animal wound up being taken out by a hunter who was attained to kill the boars and it died after one shot.

People may not realize it, but wild boars are known for killing people who get too close. There was an Italian man in August of 2016, who was killed by one. People that die from boar attacks can sometimes be thought to have wounds that the animals inflict resemble being stabbed.

Hunters find boars a popular animal to kill, and at times it is thought of a conservation hunt. It is true that plant matter is what they eat the most of— but they eat animals that are smaller and  also eat eggs. They cause significiant damage to landscapes by digging and rooting, damaging trees and rolling around in mud. This is the reason they have the tag on “nuisance animal.” Thankfully this allows for fewer restrictions on how, when where they can be killed.

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