Florida Wild Hog Trapping and Removal

Florida Wild Hog Trapping and Removal

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Florida is a haven for tropical animal species, but the Sunshine State is also prime real estate for wild hogs. Also referred to as feral hogs, wild pigs, wild boars and sows, wild hogs are a danger to property, livestock, pets and people. Wild hogs should be trapped and removed from your residential or commercial property by a licensed and insured wildlife removal professional as soon as possible. Feral hogs multiply quickly, increasing the possibility of incurring property damage or sustaining a serious injury. Wildlife management companies provide professional hog control, tracking, trapping, and removal services throughout the state of Florida.

Feral Hogs

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Trapping Wild Hog

The presence of wild hogs should be taken seriously. Hogs are omnivores, eating both plants and animals, and have extremely sharp teeth. Never chase a hog off your property. They are definitely willing to attack and bite. Moreover, male hogs, or boars, also have sharp tusks capable of ripping flesh and severely injuring animals or people. Wild hogs have even been known to kill and eat pets and livestock. Call a qualified wildlife removal company the moment you see a wild hog near your home or business. Hogs will travel great distances to locate a reliable food supply. If they find food near your home or business, they will probably return.

Feral hogs can damage lawns, gardens and landscaping. They like to dig holes and root around in search of roots, grubs, insects and worms.

•Feral hogs can transmit diseases to pets, livestock and even humans.

•If you notice that a portion of your garden, lawn or landscaping is torn up, you may have been visited by a wild hog or armadillo.

•If you notice that your garbage cans have been overturned and garbage scattered here and there, you may have a hog or raccoon problem.

Wild Hog Trapping

Retaining a professional tracking and trapping company is the most effective means of locating and removing nuisance wild hogs. Only an experienced trapper has the knowledge and equipment to safely remove wild hogs, especially in cities and towns that don’t allow the use of firearms. Wildlife management companies often use trained and protected dogs when a hog becomes trap shy. The dogs help track and capture the nuisance hogs.

Nuisance wild hogs have been a problem in the Sunshine State for many years. Home and business owners have come to rely on the expertise of a professional feral hog removal specialist to guarantee the safety of landscaping, pets and people. One or more wild hogs can inflict significant damage in only a single night of feeding. Wild pigs are a real threat to children and employees. They are aggressive and dangerous animals. It isn’t at all unusual for wild pigs to suddenly attack people.

Get Hog Off My Property

Depending on the circumstances, it could take anywhere from one to 14 days to trap and remove a wild hog. Wild animals are naturally wary of people and traps. The hogs think that your yard belongs to them, not the other way around. Nuisance wild animals, including rats, poisonous toads, raccoons, opossums, skunks, armadillos, bats, birds, squirrels and more should be removed by a Florida wild animal removal specialist to guarantee the health and safety of family members, friends and employees.

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