Venice, FL Bat Removal

Bats handing from tree by their feet.

Are you going batty because of bats in your attic? You say, I want to get bats out of my attic. That’s my bat problem. You must perform several steps to get rid of bats in Venice. 

Normally, it is hard to rid your attic of bats. You must find out how the bats are entering and leaving your home. You need to find every opening they can use; bats come in at high spots which is instinctual protecting them from predators.

An expert looks for all the openings in crannies, eave chinks, and fascia boards. He will ensure effective bat removal. A bat can enter a hole of 3/8-inch diameter.

Bat trapping doesn’t work. There are many of them. They are in services. It’s impossible to grab them. They fly away. Bat exclusion is more effective.

During a Venice bat removal, bat droppings are a definite clue for finding entrance and exit spots. They defecate a lot, so droppings will be easily found at their entry points. You might find the guano or brown stains on roof shingles or brick walls close to the hole.

A bat removal professional will look in your attic. He may see some flying around, smell the odor or see their droppings. A professional will make sure the bats are all mature enough to fly before he starts removal process.

The expert will discover where the bats are getting in and out, he’ll seal off all spots, but the most used one with exclusion netting. He will affix steel mesh along the wall routing them to a one way exit. There he attaches a one-way gadget like a one-way screen or funnel. After 10-days, the spot should be sealed. The bats will relocate because they can’t enter your home or building.

During a Venice bat removal, he must ascertain there aren’t any baby bats in the attic. A huge problem will occur, if Venice bat removal is performed while babies are there.

If bat relocation is done during the summer, baby bats could get left in your home. You could have hundreds of bat pups left to crawl in your walls, around your house, and finally to die and cause a horrible odor. During the winter, they hibernate and won’t fly out.

A good bat removal service will clean up the droppings and sanitize your attic after the bat relocation.

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