Raccoons In My Attic

image of raccoon in an atticAre Raccoons Homesteading In Your Attic?

The best thing you can do when it comes to raccoons in your attic is to call a professional wildlife trapper.

Raccoons don’t have a very long life span, and a high percentage of them die where their nest is. If that is in your attic, then you’ll know pretty soon if something has died up there. The pungent odor can make your home unlivable for weeks.

We can catch them, or if it’s too late, retrieve their carcass and treat the area with odor eliminating enzymes. Both dead animal removal and odor control are services we offer at Nuisance Wildlife Removal.

Raccoon droppings can be toxic to humans. Raccoons tend to use a common latrine area. If that area is in your attic, its a no mans land of bacteria and disease.

Raccoons are often infected with the Baylisascaris roundworm. This is a common parasite in raccoons, some areas of the country have a 70 to 100 percent infection rate. If infected, the raccoons droppings will be full of microscopic round worm eggs, that can stay viable for years, until ingested by a mammal, where it hatches and goes to work on the host’s brain tissue, causing a host of health issues and death.

I Certainly Would Never Put Raccoon Poop In My Mouth!

You would be surprised at how easy it can be. If raccoons have lived in your attic, even in the past, their droppings will eventually degrade and turn to dust. If anything stirs that up, those little roundworm eggs become airborne. If the raccoons happened to damage your air conditioning duct work, then that airborne toxin can enter your ventilation system and you could be breathing it right now.

Do you keep your Christmas decorations in the attic? Are they dusty? Be careful wiping those boxes off if you have ever had a bat or raccoon infestation in your attic.

Raccoons go out usually at night, to forage for food. They might decide that your mulch or compost pile seems like a good outdoor bathroom. Just digging through the pile to distribute it may also be distributing a health risk in your yard. Small children are at the highest risk for Baylisascaris roundworm infection due simply to the fact that they touch most things that they see, and their hands go in their mouths more often than older kids and adults.

Do Not Take Chances With Your Family’s Health

If you hear something walking around or chattering in your attic, call the professionals at Nuisance Wildlife Removal of Florida, at 866-263-WILD. We will assess the situation for FREE, and give you a cost estimate for trapping and removal, sealing all potential entrances to prevent a repeat visit, and complete biological cleanup of you attic space, including complete replacement of your attic insulation. Much of this service can be covered under your home owner’s insurance, and we’ll help you with that too.

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