Why You Shouldn’t Use Rat Poison

photo 1You’d think DIY rat removal would be an easy task, but guess again. Homeowners who try to do rat trapping and rat removal on their own can find themselves with a real mess on their hands.

Take this homeowner, for instance. After they noticed rats had invaded their garage and chewed holes in their cabinets and storage bins, they decided get rid of them. On top of that, they went to their local hardware store and picked up a box of rat poison to finish the job.

That was a mistake. By lacing their entire garage with poisoned bait, they were endangering themselves, their kids and their pets. Rat poison is designed to be odorless, tasteless and deadly in small doses. Kids who put things in their mouths on a regular basis, and pets who gobble up whatever they see are particularly at risk.

At the same time, rats are very smart. They’re scavengers and will only eat things in small bites. If they don’t get sick, they come back and eat more. For this reason, rat poison is not as effective as you might think. The same thing goes for mice, and if you have one mouse, then mouse trapping is going to be in your future.

Our advice about DIY rat removal is simple: Don’t do it. Rat trapping and mouse trapping should be done by a professional with the proper equipment, trained in the best methods for mice trapping and rat trapping. Call us for a free consultation, and we’ll help you solve your rat and mice trapping issue, quickly and efficiently, without the use of toxic chemicals.