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How Do You Keep Raccoons Out of Your Yard?

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Well, first of all it is helpful to know that Raccoons are Omnivores.

This means that they eat a wide variety of foods including both plants and animals. Their diet is mainly fruits, nuts, worms, insects, amphibians, fish, birds eggs and even an occasional small mammal or bird. If raccoons find that there is an abundant source of food on your property,  they will probably take it rather than make the effort to hunt. This also includes your vegetable gardens– they look at it as a food buffet or in that case a salad bar!  The biggest mistake people make is leaving pet food outdoors. Trash is another lure for the furry fellows. It is widely recommended that you get secured trash can lids and keep it secured in the garage if at all possible. Bird feeders are also no-nos for anyone who does not want to attract the “wrong” type of wildlife to their area. How do you keep raccoons out of your yard? #1 Remove any possible food source.

Raccoons are Nocturnal

Nocturnal creatures prefer to hunt when it is dark outside so that they are camouflaged and it makes them feel safer. If a raccoon should meander into your area, you could dissuade them from advancing by utilizing motion lights and or loud sounds. A simple light by the door may not be enough for a stubborn raccoon though. Auto lights activated by motion in several areas are more likely to startle them and keep them away. Since they don’t like human interaction, the Humane Society even recommends putting an am radio near your trash can with a talk station on. How do you keep raccoons out of your yard? #2 Remove their nocturnal and quiet habitat.


The everyday normal fence does not help in keeping raccoons out because they are such good climbers as well as diggers. If you are having an ongoing problem with raccoons in various areas such as gardens, yards, homes etc., either chicken wiring or an electrified fence is a good choice. How do you keep raccoons out of your yard? #3 Install chicken wire or electric fencing to prevent them getting into places where they are not wanted!



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