Raccoon Removal Service Tampa

Raccoon Removal Service Tampa

One of the most challenging jobs that we deal with as a nuisance wildlife control professional, is the unthinkable… Raccoons in the attic, yes you read that right, raccoons in the attic! Let me assure you, that this is not an easy thing to take care of! It is definitely not something that you would want to attempt yourself. One of the main reasons would be, that that there are almost ALWAYS baby raccoons in the attic, along with an adult female. The young are generally helpless and in a small, tight, hard to access area of the attic, and can not be trapped. They must be removed by hand which means that you have to go in to the attic and face the mother raccoon that is up there protecting her babies! I’m sure you can imagine that this would not be a good scene for the average homeowner, she will be overly protective and aggressive, you should definitely leave this task to a professional. Nuisance Wildlife Removal, Inc. is your trusted professional to call for any raccoon removal service you might need in Tampa, Lakewood Ranch  and other surrounding areas. When a certified and licensed professional is hired, then the babies can be removed, the mother trapped and all can be reunited/relocated together and no one gets hurt in the process.

Raccoon Removal Service Tampa
Raccoon climbing down a tree close to a structure.

Here is the general process of “evicting” a mother raccoon and her babies:

Step One: Complete inspection of the exterior will be done to determine the entry point (generally a roof line that soffit has been pushed up or an open soffit vent). If it is an accessible area a trap will be placed on the roof and secured to catch her upon exit.

Step Two: The certified wildlife technician will go into the attic to inspect and locate the nesting site, of course using extreme caution as the mother raccoon will most likely be in there protecting her young. Generally she will get spooked and head towards the entry/exit point, which is what we hope for. If she does, then she will be caught in the trap that was placed on the exterior. If not she may have to be removed with a control pole or just left to exit on her own and trapped when doing so. Once the nest has been located the babies will be removed by hand using heavy duty leather gloves and placed into a small transport trap. On occasion we may have to use the babies to attract the mother raccoon out, by placing them by the trap on the exterior, each situation varies and is handled accordingly. This same method would hold true if she was not in the attic at the time of removal. We also use a predator scent when evicting raccoons from an attic, as this is generally used when the babies cannot be located or they are in an area that is not humanely possible for us to access. The scent is an all natural scent that is disbursed throughout the attic and makes the mother raccoon think that there is something in the attic that would harm her, or her young at which point she will actually remove all the babies from the attic to a safer nesting area.

Step Three: After all of the raccoons have been removed from the attic, it is imperative that the openings on the exterior get closed up. This again is something that a professional should do, making sure it is done in a manor,  that the animals will not be able to penetrate it again. Not only to keep other raccoons out, but also to prevent other animals from entering. The raccoons that were living in the attic, left behind their scent/odors, and in many cases that is an attractant to other wildlife. Not to mention the various droppings and other matter that they leave behind, which often must be cleaned up so your home is once again a safe, healthy living environment.

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Entry point of raccoon(s).

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