Nuisance Wildlife Control Services [Fishhawk]

Have you seen any prints similar to this around your home?

Nuisance Wildlife Control Services in Fishhawk
Paw print of a Raccoon in the sand. Photo F Sunquist

If yes, you may need Nuisance Wildlife Control Services in Fishhawk, Florida


Raccoons are one of Florida’s most common animals, which are found very often in urbanized spaces. They can be seen in parks,  neighborhoods and on campgrounds. Under most circumstances, they are fun to watch and mostly not harmful as long as they are left alone. The problems arise due to people’s desire to give them food. Being the intelligent animals that raccoons are,  they will eat almost anything. The problem comes in to play when raccoons start thinking of humans as a food source! Raccoons can become enormous nuisances.. they will take the lids off of metal garbage cans, work their way into your porches, garages, and sheds. In fact, it is ILLEGAL to feed a raccoon as per Florida Statute 68A-4.001.

A Raccoon taking food from a Human. Feeding them is illegal.

To discourage problems with these and other nuisance wildlife animals, here are some steps you can take.

  1. Remove fallen fruit from trees.
  2. Eliminate bird seed and nuts from the round
  3. Secure garbage can lids with a bungy or ratchet strap
  4. Do not place garbage outdoors in a simple trash bag, be sure to put it in a can and place it in a garage or enclosed area.
  5. Keep dogs on a leash- or closely watch them to prevent coon encounters.
  6. Secure your pet door nightly, or use a smart door that opens with an electric collar.
  7. Never keep pet food outside.

If there is a raccoon that has become a nuisance animal in your area,  we are licensed professionals. Call Nuisance Wildlife Removal, Inc. today, to humanely solve your wildlife problems, and wildlife proof your home. 1-866-263-WILD or 941-729-2103.

Because they may carry  rabies and distemper, any contact with a raccoon puts the individual at risk. Even though they seem warm and fuzzy and approachable,  do not do so. Most rabies outbreaks in Florida are associated with raccoons. Each year, raccoons account for 65% of cases of animal rabies in the state.

Most importantly to any homeowner, however, is to stop these creatures from thinking they can make a den in your home in Fishhawk or surrounding locations. Raccoons are extremely crafty and resourceful as a survival instinct. To protect yourself, your family as well as the animals, please contact us to humanely resolve this issue with the utmost of respect and integrity.

For more information and a FREE INSPECTION/ESTIMATE call us at 1-866-263-WILD or 941-729-2103. We are experts at humanely removing racoons,  and restoring your property.  Thank you for supporting a local, family owned business. 


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