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Armadillos are considered living dinosaurs, that are left remaining from previous eras, and the only mammals on the earth that have their own built-in suit of armor.


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Some Armadillo Facts

1 In the state of Texas the Nine Banded armadillo was nicknamed the ‘hillbilly speed bump’ or the ‘Texas speed bump.’

2. In the 1920s during the great depression armadillos were also eaten and known as the “Hoover hog” due to President Hoover’s failure to keep meat on the table.

3. Armadillos prefer soil that is soft and that they can dig into easily. They will do so for food purposes, as well as for safety ones. They create “bolt” holes to have an ability to escape threats.

4. The smallest armadillo is about 5″ and the largest one is up to 5′ and 132 lbs.

5. They can hold their breath for as long as 6 minutes. Additionally, because the armor they wear weighs so much, they can actually walk along the bottom of any body of water. If they wanted to swim they could do that too– and can swallow air to inflate their stomachs, giving them the ability to float- if only temporary.

6. They can run pretty fast in short bursts… and that is their main source of defense. The main cause of their road deaths however, is probably not because they were hit by the wheels of a car…. Its because they tend to jump vertically into the air when spooked, as high as 3-4 feet and so they crash into fenders or underneath of cars passing by.

7. They can possibly carry leprosy due to their low body temperature. It is most likely that humans gave the disease to them and not the other way around.

Info credit: Answers Africa

Armadillo Trapping to avoid the Health Risks Armadillos

If you’re sick of that burrowing armadillo, here’s what you need to know. Don’t waste your money on ineffective repellant products. Moreover, it may be illegal for you to capture an armadillo. Call a licensed and insured wildlife removal company to have that armadillo humanely trapped and relocated. A professional armadillo trapper will get rid of that armadillo and save you a fortune on future landscaping costs. One thing about an armadillo, they never get tired of digging!
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