The Rodent Problem that Won’t Go Away

Nuisance Wildlife Removal, Inc.

Rat Removal.

Here at Nuisance Wildlife Removal, at least once a week we receive a phone call that goes something like this…
“I have had an issue with rodents for over a year now, I have hired multiple companies that all say the same thing; we found a few openings we will need to seal and then trap out the rodents. Well, after several thousands of dollars I am STILL dealing with these rats! I thought I’d give one more company a try and see if there is something that has been missed.”

Even though most times we have a pretty good idea of what the issue is before we get there, we always schedule an appointment for an inspection to make sure. Nine out of ten times we are generally right on. There is a break in the dry side of the plumbing where rodents can travel the sewer system and then gain entry through the broken or rusted out pipe and set up their residence. As you can see in the photos we have found issues like this in walls, in the attic and even under the slab. Of course a lot of people are skeptical when we try explaining it, but a photo is worth a thousand words. So, if you are having a persistent rodent issue- give us a call let’s see if we can solve your mystery as well.

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