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Wildlife Trapping and Control At Holmes Beach

Raccoons at Holmes Beach
Raccoons at Holmes Beach

We Have Raccoons At Holmes Beach

Raccoons have even shown up in Holmes Beach, where a startled Mike Lalonde heard rustling noises in his backyard recently and went out to find one on the fence.

“It kind of froze when it reached the top of the fence and stared at me,” said Lalonde, who lives near the beach.

That Was His First Raccoon Invasion at Holmes Beach.

We Have Opossums In The Garden

But opossums, known to move from food source to food source rather than making nests, are regular visitors, probably munching on his wife’s vegetable garden, he said.

There are Bats on Longboat Key

The wildlife population even includes “bat belts” in the West Longboat and nearby in Palma Sola, says Jeff Norris of Nuisance Wildlife Removal,  Inc.

Bats are a major problem in the county,” he said.

Many of the creatures bring fleas with them, Norris added.

From Coyotes To Turkeys To Foxes All Over The Place

Other sightings, according to our Professional Wildlife Technicians, have included wild turkeys in Northeast Manatee, a coyote hit by a car near Lakewood Ranch High School and foxes spotted near Sarasota Airport. We are here to serve any of your nuisance wildlife needs!

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