Wild Animals Take Over Abandoned Homes After Hurricane Irma

Wild Animals Take Over Abandoned Homes After Hurricane Irma

Vast numbers of Florida residents abandoned their homes in an effort to avoid the flooding and fierce winds of Hurricane Irma. Meanwhile, thousands of wild animals were driven from their natural habitat and forced to take refuge in damaged homes, businesses and industrial facilities. Floridians are accustomed to dealing with wild animals such as armadillos, snakes, possums, birds, skunks, wild hogs, raccoons and rats. Tropical Florida provides an ideal environment for a diverse array of animal species.

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Trapping Wild Hog

Armadillos and wild boars will dig up your yard and garden. Snakes will slither into your attic and walls in search of the rats and mice that live in your home or business. Raccoons, bats and squirrels will contaminate your attic insulation with mold producing feces and urine. Raccoons and squirrels will even create a fire hazard by chewing away the insulation on your electrical wires. Wild animals are incredibly resourceful.

Well, no big deal, right? A professional wildlife management company has the expertise to get rid of the rats that attract the snakes, trap the armadillo that dug up your rose garden and move that raccoon or skunk to a more suitable location. A wild animal removal company can even professionally seal your home, business or industrial facility to keep those troublesome varmints outside where they belong. Still, things are somewhat different when residents abandon their homes and businesses to get away from a major hurricane.

Generally speaking, wild animals tend to steer clear of human beings. That’s why they lurk in attics, walls, basements, cupboards and behind major appliances like refrigerators and washing machines. They enjoy the creature comforts of your home or business, but they know their place. Things are a bit different, however, when wild animals take possession of an abandoned home.

Can You Believe it? They’re Back!

Actually, wild animals have an affinity for abandoned buildings. The Internet is loaded with pictures of wild animals that have taken over abandoned homes and businesses. Instead of being satisfied with the attic and walls of a home or business, a raccoon, a few rats and a couple of snakes can have the place to themselves, furniture and all. The humans are gone. What a deal. Here’s the point. Have your home or business inspected by a professional wildlife management company before you assume that the handiwork of Hurricane Irma is gone forever. You may have a few uninvited houseguests. Wild animals can be dangerous. They damage building materials, contaminate surfaces and spread disease. They actually thought that the place was theirs, lock stock and barrel, until you showed up!

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