Sarasota, FL Strange Raccoons

Sarasota, FL Strange Raccoons Trapping and Removal



Raccoons have learned to thrive in urban areas; thanks to their ingenious survivor skills.

Raccoons walk the urban environment like they own it. Versus squirrels who skitter from tree to tree like it is their own domain.
There are 7 species or raccoons in the world, but only one known as the North American Raccoon- Procyon lotor.

Some other facts about raccoons are:

1) Raccoons are omnivorous meaning that they eat almost anything however, they prefer sweet foods.
2) They have excellent vision at night.
3) Their predators are: Foxes, wolves, alligators, bobcats, coyotes, and owls. Otherwise no natural enemies except an irate homeowner.
4) They go on the move when they are hungry – if food sources are low in wild and high near near humans, that is what moves them.
5) They are usually are not found far from trees.
6) Procyon lotor- is the scientific name and “Lotor” means washer.
7) They are powerful animals- Most adult raccoons are more powerful than most adult dogs.
8) Raccoons always mate during spring.
9) They use a common latrine.
10) They are good swimmers- a young raccoon can swim 150 meters across a river or lake.

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