Dead Fish Brings Birds

Protect Your Property From Birds Of Prey

Cold Weather Brings Out The Worse

The recent abnormally cold temperatures in Florida have had an interesting effect on several fronts. Many of the thousands of ponds in the state contain fish that just cannot survive the drop in temperature over such a sustained amount of time. The result of the cold has been massive fish kills in the ponds and lakes.This causes carrion eating birds and animals to gather in unusual numbers as well. Buzzards will roost nearby (usually on someone’s car or house roof) and mess all over everything in sight.

Buzzards Are Nasty

buzzards_are_nastyBuzzards also like to eat windshield wiper blades, as well as the spline (rubber tubing) that holds your pool enclosure screens in place. They cover your enclosure screen with feces, until the screen blows away for lack of spline. Then your pool, deck and furniture start to suffer.

A Friendly Reminder

So bear in mind that it’s not just your plants that will suffer from a sustained cold spell. If the fish in your neighborhood lake die off, you could be looking at not only a huge mess, but damage from unwanted visitors. They will rip off the  screens, scratched up you cars paint, and massive damage to roof vents.

So When Colder Weather Comes – Remember To Watch The Fish

The only prevention is to make sure the fish are gathered up as soon as possible, and hauled away.
Nuisance Wildlife Removal performs this service often during the colder months in Florida.

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