Fruit Trees and Rodent Removal Lakewood Ranch

How to Handle Rodent Removal in Lakewood Ranch

December is the start of many things, you have the various holidays, cooler weather and the citrus trees are starting to produce. One of our customers was enjoying the outdoors, now that the weather has gotten cooler, and as he sat on his back porch at his home, in Lakewood Ranch FL, he noticed a squirrel making its way across a power line with a halfway eaten orange in his mouth. Seeing this just upsets him, he knows the squirrels sneak over and steal the fruit on occasion, but he said the rats are what he is having the most trouble with. Anyone with a fruit tree in the yard, orange, tangerine, grapefruit, lemon, lime, mango, avocado, kumquat, you name it, knows how irritating these pesky pests can be and the destruction they can cause.  If you are seeing any rodents around your fruit trees in Lakewood Ranch or surrounding cities, please don’t hesitate to call us for a free evaluation of any potential entry points, into your home. Rodents not only eat the fruit that has fallen to the ground but also a problem is the removal of fruit still on the tree.

Rodent Removal Lakewood Ranch
Mandarin Orange Tropical Fruit Tree

Rats and mice reproduce at an incredible rate and left unchecked will move into your home. Any and everything that can be gnawed on will be. Think, wood trim, vinyl siding, electrical wires, air conditioning ducts you name it. Think of the four to five digit repair bills or the stench from the decomposing rat that has died in the attic or walls of your home. As we approach the citrus season ( December – March) these rodents that have been quietly living around your house will now make themselves known. The fruit rat goes by many aliases: roof rat, citrus rat, gray rat but its scientific name is Rattus rattus, definitely a fitting one. Rarely do they just eat your fruit and move on. Nope not these rats, they’re looking for a place to set up home, appropriate with one another and have fruit rat babies. Which all too often means they find vacancy in your home. As long as you have fruit trees you will have a battle with the rats. But there are ways to discourage them:

Rat Removal Lakewood Ranch
Oranges Eaten by a Rodent or Rat

   – Keep ALL fruit picked and picked up off the ground on a daily basis if need be

    – Keep your yard simple, meaning not jungle like, rats love to live in overgrown bushes

    – Do not have bird feeders, rats and other wildlife love birdseed.

    – Get rid of outside clutter around the house

    – Keep all garbage in container with lids

    – Have your home inspected for entry points and seal all potential holes and cracks.

If the situation is just too far out of hand hiring a professional is probably the best solution. They can offer you a variety of services that will best fit your needs.

So if you see rats or other rodents or any evidence that they are present, please call a professional! You can reach a trusted professional 24/7 at Nuisance Wildlife Removal, Inc. at 1-866-263-WILD or 941-729-2103.

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