Eastern Coral vs Scarlet King Snake


Coral Snake is an excellent swimmer!

Perhaps one of the most disturbing things about the Eastern Coral snake is its bite. At first, it may seem anti-climatic. After all, there is almost no pain or swelling at the site, and so a person may carry on as if nothing has happened that is potentially fatal. Approximately 12 hours later, if untreated by antivenom, the snake’s neurotoxins start to interrupt the connections of the brain and muscles, this causes a slurring of speech, seeing double, and a muscle paralysis. If left untreated, this eventually ends in respiratory or cardiac failure.

The Good News about Eastern Coral Snakes

Eastern coral snakes are quite reclusive however and for the most part, only bite when they are picked up, handled or accidentally stepped on.  The curious thing is that the snake has to actually chew on you to get its venom into you. There have been no reported deaths from their bite since 1967. But remember, you must immediately get to the hospital for the anti-venom.

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To see this snake in the wild check out this video:

For a FOOL-PROOF way to distinguish other snakes from the venomous coral snake please check our page that is exclusively on the coral snake here.

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Scarlet King Snake- Wikimedia Glenn Bartolotti

The Scarlet Kingsnake

This non-venomous snake is found throughout Florida in a variety of habitats. They include standing dead trees, loose bark, undre rocks, abandoned suburban lots, swamps, sandhills, hammocks, and agricultural areas. The size of the scarlett king is 1-1.5 feet with a maximum of 2 feet. This is generally smaller than the coral snake but its median size could be about the same as the coral.

One sure-fire way to tell the difference between the two snakes is the nose color. The scarlet king nose is always red and the eastern coral is always black.



To see the above eastern coral swim away off the lily pad– [IT IS FAST AND HAS A COOL MOVEMENT] watch this video:


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