Tampa Bay, Florida

Who Is Nuisance Wildlife Removal?

Nuisance Wildlife Removal is a private wildlife trapping company that provides animal control services in the Tampa Bay, Florida area. We prevent wild animals from getting inside homes and causing damage to customers’ property.   We do not handle issues with domestic, pets or animals. We do not do animal rescues or rehabilitation. We are not just another “rat control” company.

Our animal trappers serving the Tampa Bay area are specialists in humane capture and removal of nuisance animal problems. From residential and commercial properties. We operate a complete

This is what we typically find inside the attic.

wildlife removal and control company, specializing in Tampa Bay animal problems. We don’t just trap and remove critters, our Tampa animal control provides a complete and permanent solution for your wildlife problem. If you have animals living in your home, we don’t simply trap and remove them. We find the root cause of the problem – usually something attractive about the house, such as holes or openings in the roof line leading into the attic, and we seal these openings shut after the wildlife and nuisance animals have been removed.

You do not need a coupon to get a free estimate from us. We offer them to everyone.

We repair any structural damage that gives rodents access to your home, which means permanent elimination of rodents. We charge no monthly or quarterly treatment fees, and we back up our service with a guarantee.

Most Common Nuisance For Tampa Bay Area

Florida’s most common nuisance animal control problems are rodent infestation in the attic.

  • A raccoon or opossum can give birth to a litter of babies inside an attic and before long you have a huge population living there.
  • An armadillo digging in you well manicured yard, pooping in your crystal clear pool, or causing nuisance problems outside home.
  • Snakes in the garage, sunning themselves on the patio or outside on the lawn. Worse, inside the home itself.
  • Dead rat or larger animal causing odor problems inside building?
  • Birds nesting inside the overhang of the roof, chirping and rustling all night long.

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Who We Are Not

Wildlife problems are not covered by County Animal Control services and we do not get cats out of trees or round up stray dogs. That is for the County Animal Control office paid for by your tax dollars.

So please do not call Nuisance Wildlife Trapper LLC for any domestic animal issues. We do not walk dogs or retrain them to understand they are not actually a human.

Nuisance Wildlife Removal is your premier “WILDLIFE” removal and control expert. The only one you should call when you are experiencing nuisance issues from a non-domestic animal source.

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