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You do not need a coupon to get a free estimate from us. We offer them to anyone.

We are not just another Sun City Center rat control company. We repair any structural damage that gives rodents access to your home,which means permanent elimination of rodents. We charge no monthly or quarterly treatment fees, and we back up our service with a guarantee.

Florida’s most common nuisance animal control problems are Sun City rodent pest infestations in the attic, raccoon or opossum with a litter of babies inside a Ruskin duplex, Animal, wildlife or armadillo digging in yard, pooping in pool, or causing Nuisance problems outside the Apollo Beach home, Snake in the garage, outside on lawn or property, or inside the home itself.

 Even Dead Wildlife Is A Problem

Dead rat or larger animal causing odor problems inside building? Sun City Center ,Apollo Beach or Ruskin bat or bird colony nesting, roosting, or perching on building roof or parking garage.

Nuisance Wildlife Removal is a private trapping company which provides animal control services in Sarasota, Florida for a fee.

We stop animals from getting inside homes and damaging our customers’ homes and property. Wildlife problems are not covered by  County Animal Control services.

We do not handle issues with domestic, pets or animals. We do not do animal rescues or rehabilitation.

 You Can Count On The Experts At Nuisance Wildlife Removal

Our Sun City Center animal trappers are specialists in humane capture and removal of nuisance animal problems from residential and commercial properties. We operate a complete wildlife removal and control company, specializing in Sun City animal problems.

We don’t just trap and remove critters, our Sarasota animal control provides a complete and permanent solution for your wildlife problem. If you have animals living in your home, we don’t simply trap and remove them.

We find the root cause of the problem – usually something attractive about the house, such as holes or openings in the roof line leading into the attic, and we seal these openings shut after the wildlife and nuisance animals have been removed. We identify and repair any damage that the animals may have caused, and clean up after them.

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We perform our services with the greatest of attention to detail and the highest quality customer service, and back up our work with a guarantee. Call 866-263-WILD .

We handle any Sarasota animal problem. We do not deal with insects. Bug pest control companies do not solve infestations, just treat the symptoms.

Nuisance Wildlife Removal provides integrated pest control services for Sarasota. This means we look to solve infestations permanently by sealing the structure and altering the landscaping.

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