A mole who has come up from the underground.

How to tell if I need Mole removal in Sarasota.

Did you know that moles can cause enormous troubles to your lawn? It is best to call a professional as soon as you have any indication of something damaging your lawn. Here is the reason why. The moles will not leave and will continue to damage the lawn more and more. This causes the cost to eradicate the moles to increase dramatically!

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A little knowledge about moles will help us to understand better what is going on.

Moles are subterranean, meaning they live mostly underground. However, they are not blind, they just have tiny eyes as well as small ears. Moles use tunnels to get around below the grass. Some people say, that these tunnels are like underground highways. More than that though, moles dig special chambers where the tunnel ends and those function as the bedrooms and birthing areas. It is possible that a mole can live in this underground tunnel system for generations before they decide to move on. If you can believe it, moles even have kitchens in their tunnel chambers. It is an area where they keep their food (earthworms) alive until ready to eat.

photo cred: old farmers almanac

Moles spend about their whole life alone, and below the ground. Actually on an acre of land, there will probably be no more than 3 – 5 moles. That is considered a plentiful amount.

So if you see any mole hills, or a tunnel pattern to your yard, you may need a professional mole trapper for your Sarasota home or surrounding areas. Please don’t wait and the job will be quicker and less costly!  Once the mole highways become more complex, the entire yard must be flattened first, and then each tunnel area must have a trap set for it. This increases the time and the labor tremendously.

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