Florida Squirrels

The Mexican Gray Squirrel was introduced to Florida in 1938 from Mexico. It is said to only exist on Elliott key in Dade County. Primarily a fruit eater, it prefers papaya, coconut, and Sargent’s palms. They tend to forage in the tops of trees, and can move easily there. For their dens, they have a favorite one, but will have alternative dens elsewhere in order to escape predators.

Mexican Gray Squirrel on Top of Brick

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Did you know that squirrels nest in cars? The most common reason for this is due to an overpopulation. It happens that there gets to be so many squirrels out there, that cars become attractive nesting places.They have been found in large industrial fans, grills, trucks, vents and more.

If you have a squirrel in your vehicle it is suggested that you lift the hood. Now the animal does not have any covering. They will not like this. You could also park well away from the comfortable area that your squirrel is accustomed to. It might cause you a hardship, but it could save your electrical wiring in the car or truck!

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