Florida Squirrels

Eastern Gray Squirrel – The most commonly found squirrel in Florida is found everywhere including suburban, urban, and wooded areas. You might notice it chattering as it does whenever it is upset or disturbed. Color is light to dark grayish brown with a lighter underside however, can also be all white or blonde. The tail is long, bushy yet flat. They often nest in the top areas of trees where there is a crook. It is easy to tell the nest in winter because nest leaves are brown and tree leaves have fallen. It is difficult to see a nest in the summertime due to they way the green leaves of the nest blend in with green tree leaves in that season.

Eastern Gray Squirrel Eating Peanut

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Did you know that some people are afraid of squirrels? They claim that squirrels have “charged” them. It seems as though the squirrel was coming after them, chasing them down. Did the animal have rabies? It has been reported that baby squirrels come right up to people and are not afraid. Is this an aggressive squirrel?

No, all this means is that the baby squirrel has no fear of people. Like human babies, they are intrigued by really most anything and any movement. If a squirrel seems to be aggressive it is often due to the fact that they associate humans with a source of food. Most likely, this animal has been hand fed over some time frame. This behavior in a squirrel can usually be discouraged by a move on the humans part where the animal now feels threatened.

Please use caution when handling animals, either pets or wild. It is advised that you wash hands in hot, soapy water after handling and dispose of the gloves that you use as well.

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