Moles– What is the Best Way to Get Rid of Them?

Moles– What is the Best Way to Get Rid of Them?

Today I’d like to talk to you about moles. Eastern moles in yards, we get a lot of calls on them. They get up underneath the roots of a grass and they eat the young roots of the grass and plants. Their main feast is the grubs and earthworms, mostly grubs. I just wanted to talk a little bit about protecting your home from having moles, and what you should do if you do have them.

First thing we need to do is talk about preventing your yard from getting moles. Pretty simple thing is to treat your yard once a year with grub bait. Make sure that you treat it in a cooler part of the day where the sun’s not up, and put about 20 minutes of water on it. That’s going to prevent UV rays from tearing up the chemical, it’s going to get good and saturated into the ground.

Another thing you got to worry about is … I find a lot in these housing developments that there’s a swell between the two yards, and someone’s over watering. What happens is it makes it real moist, so these grubs are coming up to the top, the moles are getting in there, and so are the armadillos. You just got to treat these areas and watch your water conditions in those areas. We like recommending a chemical called trichlorfon, or Dylox. Bayer has it in a once a year grub bait, and that seems to work pretty good. About $20 a bag, a bag will do an average size lot in a housing development.

If you get moles, little bit of a different story. You’re going to need to trap the moles and get them out. Get those moles out, simply removing the food source once moles are established is not going to fix the problem. You need to not only [nich 00:02:43] the food source, but you need to nich the moles and get them trapped, and get them out. That’s a pretty effective way of doing it. Not real cheap, and the best thing I can tell you is, do not wait until they are a huge problem, thinking that one or two moles is going to go away. They’re not going to go away, and the more damage they do, the more damage your yard is going to have, and the more costly it’s going to be when you do call me to come out and get them. 

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A lot of times it gets in situations where we don’t even know where the moles are, because there’s so many mounds. So what we have to do is roll the yard, which is an added expense of taking a roller across the yard and smashing everything down, and then waiting a day or two to get these mole mounds to come back up and kind of get a location on where the moles are. Where we’re going in the yard are these feeding tunnels or these highway tunnels, and we have to get our bearings with that. A lot of times you incur a extra expense of rolling the yard if you’ve let it go too long.

Mole trapping is very labor intensive. You’re digging holes, into the burrows, into the tunnels, and placing traps in there so when you go to come back to check the traps, again you have to unbury them, check them, put the soil back on, and go like that. Very labor intensive, definitely costs more when more labor’s involved, so the quicker you get on it the quicker you’re going to cure a problem.

That’s about it. Dylox once a year, or trichlorfon. Pest control guy years ago, Don O’Brien, gave me that tip and it’s worked great ever since. Treat your yard with that once a year, that’s going to help prevent them. If you do get them then call us on the first onsights of them so you’re not spending more money trying to track down a whole bunch of different mole hills in your yard.

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