Jeff Norris is the proud owners of:
Nuisance Wildlife Removal Inc.

Snake had receded into a dark area in the walls of the home. The Go-Pro camera technology was used to secure its location and capture the snake for removal.

Our customers come first!

We are a family owned and operated business serving Manatee, Sarasota and the outlying counties in West Central Florida for more than twenty years. Using the latest technologies available, we have perfected a safe, effective and humane system of trapping and relocating nuisance animals.

Our Goals For You

Our goal is to provide complete satisfaction to all of our customers – to do that we offer a full array of services that will take you through the process of removal, repair, decontamination when necessary and finally, we work with our customers to make sure the nuisance does not come back!

Our Mission Statement:

Nuisance Wildlife Removal Inc. is committed to providing safe, effective, humane and thorough solutions to all nuisance animal problems, in private homes and commercial properties in West Central Florida.