Odor Control Services

Oh My LORD! What Is That Smell!

Some people will set out poisons for nuisance animals. Then they think ” I haven’t seen that pesky critter for several days now, much be dead”. So the job is done because the animal disappears. Right! Not so fast. In about a week you are now thinking, “what is that terrible smell, it’s like something has died”.

Where do you think they’ll go to die? Usually back near their nest where they feel safest. What if that nest is in your attic or inside your walls? Or under the floor is you have a crawl space. First thing yo want to think about is if you kill the animal will you be able to track down the carcass and dispose of it properly. So don’t KILL the animal, call the animal control experts at Nuisance Wildlife Trapper. Call 866-263-WILD.

Do Not Do This Yourself

In the unfortunate event that you have a dead animal, either in your attic, down a wall or under your home the smell can become unbearable. Nuisance Wildlife Trapper will come out and locate & remove the dead animal and use special enzymes in the contaminated areas to eliminate the odor completely.

Call The Professional Oder Control People

Nuisance Wildlife Trapper will remove any kind of unwanted wild animal form your property. However, in the likely scenario mentioned above, we can also find the source of the pungent odor and do all the necessary cleanup to resolve the issue permanently.

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