Attic Decontamination and Restoration [Sarasota, FL]

Professional Attic Decontamination & Restoration


There are several steps involved in an attic restoration.

Nuisance Wildlife Removal, Inc is very well known in the community as the GO-TO expert with the highest experience level in solving difficult nuisance infestations efficiently and easily. We employ advanced technology such as thermographic cameras and Go-pro technology. This reduces the amount of damage to your structure and in turn will reduce the cost of your project.  

First of all, we perform an inspection of the attic, making detailed notations of any chewed wires, urine marks, feces, nests, and torn air conditioning ducts.

Next, we inspect the outside of your home, to determine any and all entry points. We will look on the roof for any holes the animal might have gnawed and check the overhanging soffit for any entry or exit points.

During this process, we are very detail oriented, taking pictures and filling out a full inspection report. The good news is that your home owner’s insurance policy almost ALWAYS covers the cost of an attic restoration when the damage was done by a raccoon.

Our full inspection report will allow us to present our findings to your insurance company. We can deal directly with your insurance company. This allows us to submit our proposal and negotiate directly with them.

Professional Attic Decontamination services for SarasotaBradenton and surrounding areas. 

We will restore your home to the way it was before the animals moved in. The smells and allergens that accompany these creatures will be removed for your safety. We recommend removing the insulation contaminated with feces and urine because they are a health risk.

Next, we disinfect any areas that animals have been in with an anti-microbial enzyme to rid your home of diseases, bacteria, allergens and odors. This service also kills fleas and other parasites.

When we are done removing the insulation and decontaminating the area we will re-insulate with insulating material exceeding building code requirements. Additionally, when the work is performed there is no need for you to leave your home or business. We are careful and thorough, taking note of recessed lighting, wiring, and other areas of concern.

Wildlife left fecal matter in attic space - very dangerous and filthy.
One side of this attic space was obviously the designated bathroom for the resident wildlife.

Extra Incentive For Your Decision Making Process

There is that rare instance that an insurance company does not want to cover the damage. However, The Insurance Commissioner in Tallahassee, has assured us that this is covered by most policies. Stick with us and let our experience assist you in getting this covered by your insurance. We have the most experience being a locally family owned business for 20+ years.

For more information and a FREE INSPECTION/ESTIMATE Call 1-866-263-WILD or (941)729-2103. We are your local expert for humane nuisance animal trapping and quality attic decontamination and restoration in Bradenton, Sarasota and surrounding areas. 


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