Inspect Your Home To Keep It Nuisance Free

This black snake is looking for a way into this home.

This black snake is looking for a way into this home.

The Do-It-Yourself Method

Now that its the Florida rainy season, as well as many nesting seasons, a lot of wildlife are looking for a newer, dryer home. Check around your house for small entrances into your home. Look low and high, because both are accessed regularly. Snakes will often find a stack of firewood or lumber to be a pretty desirable place to have their young, especially if it is surrounded by high grass and weeds. Keep your yard mowed and trimmed as much as possible.

This raccoon looks warm and cozy in this attic.

This raccoon looks warm and cozy in this attic.

We get a lot of rats and mice calls this time of year as well. Check the soffit, and all around your roof for small holes and cracks that could be taken advantage of by smaller animals like raccoons.  (see picture – left)  And don’t forget bats. Its their nesting season too. A bat family would like nothing better than to gain entrance to a warm dry attic.

If you do not feel adequate about determining the integrity of your home or property against nuisance animal intrusion then call the experts at 866-263-WILD.

 Now It’s Time For The Professional Method

If you don’t know what to look for, give Nuisance Wildlife Removal call at


This missing soffit is an open invitation for outdoors wildlife to make themselves at home.

Call 866-263-WILD. We’ll send one of our wildlife experts out to give you a FREE inspection.  You may need a cost estimate for trapping and removal of animals, as well as repairs to your home, to keep future generations of the same species out.

We Are An Affordable Way To Protect Your Investment – Your Home

If you already hear noises in your attic or walls, or are getting unexplainable bad smells in your house, you need to call us right away.


CALL 866-263-WILD (9453)




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