Opossum Removal Bradenton

Opossum Removal Bradenton


What is that thing… It looks like a GIANT rat!

That is the first thing that comes to mind when people encounter an opossum. But, Opossums, are not even related to the rodent family. They are the only known marsupial mammal in North America, which means the female carries its young in a pouch on its stomach like a kangaroo or kola. Opossums are often considered generalist because they will eat just about anything they can find which more often than not bring them in contact with pets and humans.

Opossums Are A Nuisance

They will:

  • Get into garbage
  • Eat out of pet food bowls left outside
  • Destroy a garden full of fruits & vegetables
  • Nest within your attic or under your house or shed
  • Cause damage to AC ducts, foundation screening and soffit / vents
  • Injure or pass disease to your pets

It is important that if opossums have started to take up residency in / on / or around your home that you call a licensed trapper to come out and humanely trap, remove and relocate it to a more suitable environment. This protects not only the animal but also you, your family and property against unwanted damage or disease.

 For more information on Opossums visit the FAQ page


Call The Experts With Nerves Of Steel To Do The Job

Nuisance Wildlife Removal, Inc  has years of experience with removing opossums from homes and out buildings. There really is no need for you the home owner to risk getting bite. So when the need arises for any animal removal job, be it opossum or not call the professional staff at Nuisance Wildlife Removal for the solution.

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