Bee Removal & Feral Bee Colonies [Bradenton, FL]

Bee Removal [Bradenton, FL]

Did you know there was such a thing as Feral bees? Listen in as Jeff explains…

Today I’m going to tell you about bees and what happens when you find a feral colony in your yard. A lot of times we get calls and someone’s like, “Oh I got a swarm of bees. They’re on the side of my house, they’re in a tree on a limb. They’re in a palm tree, they’re on a swing set. We’ve had them on gas pumps.”

The main thing to realize here is what these bees are doing and what needs to be done to the bees. When you have a feral colony coming through, a lot of times, they are what we call a transient colony. These bees will just go and pick a limb, a gas pump, a playground set, a picnic bench, a side of a house, what have you. And they will just rest there for maybe up to a couple days. They’re traveling, they’re tired, their little wings are tired, and they just kind of pull off the road and enjoy themselves for a few minutes or a few hours or a couple of days. They rest. 

If they’re not going in and out of something, like they’re not going in and out of a block wall or soffit area, or not going in or out of a cable box, a water meter, a hole in the tree, something like that. Then usually, you’re fairly safe to say that it’s a feral colony. That’s just transient. Our suggestion is just wait a couple days. They’ll go away.

But if they do not, feel free to contact us to evaluate for you and give you a free estimate for Bee Removal in Bradenton. 

Now we get the people who say, “Oh, I’m allergic to bees. You got to come out now.” That’s fine, we can do that. We don’t want to risk anybody’s health over it. But in all reality, we just need to kind of leave them alone and let them rest for a few minutes, or a few days, so to speak. Let them rest up and they’ll go about their way. They’ll just travel right on to their next destination.

It’s very common and we get calls almost all year round, unless it’s very cool out. We have calls almost week only this. That’s the best way to approach this is if it’s … You find a colony in your yard, on your home, and it doesn’t look like they’re going in or out, it looks like just a big ball of bees bunched up somewhere, it’s probably a transient hive and best to just leave them alone for a couple days and they’ll go on their own. Usually within 24 hours but I have seen them stay 48.

Hope this helps. Bees are on the decrease, we all know that and every little thing people can do can help keep the bees. Have any questions, give us a call,  866-263-9453 or you can reach us on the web at Thank you.

For more information and a FREE INSPECTION/ESTIMATE call us at 1-866-263-WILD or 941-729-2103. We are experts at bee removal and property restoration. Thank you for supporting a local, family owned business.


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