What are the Health Risks of Rats? [Lakewood Ranch, FL]

There are health risks that you should be aware of after any wild animal has been taken from your home.

Rats from traps we set.


Due to what the animals leave behind, such a urine, feces, ticks, fleas and parasites which wildlife leave on the premises that they inhabit (whether it is attic, garage, roof, walls etc.) The below info is to educate you about the possible health risks that can happen if you, your family or your pets are exposed to any of this infected matter.

Infected Rats in Lakewood Ranch and Beyond

Rats host numerous parasite species and can possibly transmit fatal diseases to humans.  A Johns Hopkins University research team found rodent allergen in 95 percent of the Baltimore homes they tested. Allowing rats to contaminate attic insulation and other building materials with waste products can lead to serious health conditions.

• Hantavirus

A potentially fatal pulmonary virus found in fecal matter that spreads after becoming airborn. It can also be contracted through contact with rodent urine, droppings and saliva. Common symptoms include fever, fatigue, chills, muscle aches, headaches, dizziness, and abdominal ailments.

• Rat Bite Fever

Caused by a rat bite. Common symptoms include swelling, fever, nausea, chills, sore throat, headaches, muscle aches, abdominal pain and vomiting.

• Food Poisoning

Frequently results in salmonella after food or water has been contaminated by rodent feces or urine.


• Asthma and asthma symptoms

Are often caused or complicated by rodent urine and urine protein contamination.

• Lyphocytic Choriomeningitis Virus

Is transmitted by contact with rodent feces. The disease can cause a variety of unwelcome symptoms, including a form of meningitis.

• Bubonic Plague

A virulent bacterial disease that is spread by the fleas that feed on rats and other rodents. Common symptoms include fever, chills, headaches, diarrhea and swelling.

• Rickettsial Pox

Spread through mites that are carried by rodents. The disease can cause lesions, fever, headaches and rashes.

• Rabies

A potentially deadly virus that infects the central nervous system. The disease is transmitted by rodents and other wild animals.

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Rats and other rodents can gain entry to homes and businesses by squeezing through hard to detect gaps and holes in rooflines, HVAC systems and foundations. Rats, mice and squirrels breed and contaminate food and building surfaces quickly.

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Tampa Mice and Rat Removal

Why You Shouldn’t Use Rat Poison

photo 1You’d think DIY rat removal would be an easy task, but guess again. Homeowners who try to do rat trapping and rat removal on their own can find themselves with a real mess on their hands.

Take this homeowner, for instance. After they noticed rats had invaded their garage and chewed holes in their cabinets and storage bins, they decided get rid of them. On top of that, they went to their local hardware store and picked up a box of rat poison to finish the job.

That was a mistake. By lacing their entire garage with poisoned bait, they were endangering themselves, their kids and their pets. Rat poison is designed to be odorless, tasteless and deadly in small doses. Kids who put things in their mouths on a regular basis, and pets who gobble up whatever they see are particularly at risk.

At the same time, rats are very smart. They’re scavengers and will only eat things in small bites. If they don’t get sick, they come back and eat more. For this reason, rat poison is not as effective as you might think. The same thing goes for mice, and if you have one mouse, then mouse trapping is going to be in your future.

Our advice about DIY rat removal is simple: Don’t do it. Rat trapping and mouse trapping should be done by a professional with the proper equipment, trained in the best methods for mice trapping and rat trapping. Call us for a free consultation, and we’ll help you solve your rat and mice trapping issue, quickly and efficiently, without the use of toxic chemicals.

Buying a Home? Call today…

photo 2You’ve had your home inspection, drawn up the bids and contracts, and signed on the dotted line. You’re ready to move into your new home.

Except there’s one thing you’ve forgotten in the rush of details involving the biggest move of your life. You forgot the animal inspection!

That’s what happened to this unfortunate lady. Shortly after moving in, she noticed dropping and scratching sounds in her walls and attic. She immediately called us for our free animal inspection to find out what was going on.

Sure enough, there were rats in the house that had been there for years. This photo shows rat tracks in the dust of her attic. Apparently, the previous owner tried to cover up evidence of rats in the house, hoping she wouldn’t have a home inspection for animal problems. He did a little spot-painting and cleaning, and the trick was successful. She didn’t notice the problem until it was too late to make him pay for the cleanup.

Fortunately, this homeowner called us. We quickly identified what kind of rodent was causing the problem. We were able to find out where they were getting in, close up their points of entry and trap out the pesky critters, one by one. We also cleared out their nests and droppings, leaving her home clean and free of undesirable animals. She is now the happy owner of a rodent-free home, and wiser for the experience.

An animal inspection is a critical part of the general home inspection that comes before the sale. Our free animal inspection can save a lot of time and headaches for busy new homeowners. Call us today, and we’ll come right out!

I Love my Job













It’s not every day you see something like this at 12:30 in the afternoon. Deer, grazing in the middle of Lakewood Ranch! I snapped a picture on my way to a consultation the other day. This is one of the reasons I love my job. At any hour of the day or night I get to see wildlife. Whether it’s deer eating plants by a retention pond or cranes and pelicans flying overhead, I never get tired of it.
Of course, seeing deer eating plants isn’t that great if they’re eating the plants in your yard, but that’s why it’s good to have the number of a reliable and professional wildlife removal service like mine. I can help you discourage deer from foraging in your landscape because I know what kind of plants and scents they don’t like. I can also trap them, if that’s what’s needed.

There’s a little downside to my work, though. I also do dead deer removal. If a deer’s been hit in front of your house, I’m the one to call. In my company, dead deer removal is done quickly and respectfully, taking care of the problem for you and your neighbors with a minimum of fuss. This service extends to all types of dead animal removal. From rodents indoors to birds, alligators, snakes, armadillos outdoors or any poor creature with bad luck, we take care of them all.

Few things are as messy and sad as dead animal removal. That’s why a picture like this reminds me why I love my job. After a long day, or even the start of one, the sight of deer, calmly grazing without a worry in the world, just makes the day better!

Lakewood Ranch Rat Remover

 All Homes Are An Open Invitation For Rodents

Newly built homes in Lakewood Ranch Florida are not exempt from hurried construction practices that often leave structural crevices.  These small openings are often hidden to the homeowner and remain undetected. That is by humans but by rats and mice. They will find and exploit the smallest of openings. Once rodents roof-ratmove in, you will hear noises in the attic and walls, there will be strange smells, and even foul odors associated with the decay of the rats that died in your attic or even in your walls.

If your Lakewood Ranch Florida home or even neighborhood is infested with rats, call the Lakewood Ranch rat removal experts. Rat Remover of Lakewood Ranch will rid you of rats, and ease your mind about rodent contamination in your Lakewood Ranch Attic. Rat infestation is not unusual at all in the Lakewood Ranch, Manatee area.

Call A Professional Rat and Mouse Remover

The expert Rat control technicians at Lakewood Ranch  Rat Remover will set traps to catch the rats living in your home. They will also locate and remove the dead rats from your attic and walls. Next, he will inspect the whole house to determine active and even potential points of entrance that the rats are using to gain entrance to your Lakewood Ranch home, and suggest the best ways to avoid future rat and rodent infestation.

Our technician will also inform you of the severity of the contamination to your Lakewood Ranch home’s attic or crawl space. You may want to consider letting us do a complete attic clean out and decontamination. The cost of this procedure is often offset by your home owner’s insurance concerning rat decontamination.

Attic and insulation can often become a health hazard by spreading airborne diseases through your Lakewood Ranch Home through the air conditioning system and vents. Feral rats in Lakewood Ranch can often spread Weil’s Disease.

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