What are the Health Risks of Squirrels? [Lakewood Ranch, FL]

There are health risks that you should be aware of after any wild animal has been taken from your home.

Infected Squirrels in Lakewood Ranch and Beyond

Call a Wildlife Removal Pro to Eliminate the Health Risks of Squirrels
Do you think of squirrels as cute and cuddly or just another rat with a long tail? Either way, you don’t want squirrels taking refuge in your home or business. Squirrels carry and spread a number of serious diseases, not the least of which is rabies. Contact a squirrel removal Bradenton professional to avoid the health risks of squirrels. Only an expert squirrel trapper can safely remove and relocate pest squirrels and other disease carrying wild animals.

Squirrel Removal Bradenton

Squirrels have an uncanny ability to slip through small holes and cracks to enter home and business attics. Once inside, they get busy chewing and building nests. They will chew wood, wires, pipes, and HVAC ducts to sharpen their teeth. Squirrels will keep you and your family awake at night with the sound of scampering, scratching and chewing. They also contaminate building surfaces with feces and urine, destroy building materials and create a significant fire hazard.

Health Risks of Squirrels

Wild animal droppings host a variety of dangerous parasites and promote the growth of mold and disease causing microbes. Nuisance wild animals also carry infectious diseases that can be spread to pets and humans. A licensed and insured squirrel trapper has the knowledge, experience and equipment to humanely remove squirrels from attics and other building locations.• Rabies is a dreaded disease, but most people don’t realize that squirrels are common carriers of the disease. Rabies can be fatal without proper treatment. The disease infects the central nervous system and brain.

• Tick fever can be contracted by humans. As one might expect, squirrels and other wild animals attract large numbers of ticks and fleas. The squirrels then carry the ticks and fleas into home and business attics. The fleas and ticks begin the search for a new host when a squirrel leaves the nest for any significant period of time. Common tick fever symptoms include chills, fever, aching muscles, headache, rash and light sensitivity.

• Powassan encephalitis is another disease associated with squirrels. Symptoms include fever, headache, vomiting, nausea, stiff neck, respiratory problems, seizures, coma and paralysis.

Squirrel Trapping

Speak with a squirrel removal Bradenton company the moment you suspect that squirrels are living in your home or business attic. An expert wildlife management company can remove all wild animal species, restore contaminated building surfaces and repair any damage. A wild animal removal specialist can also seal your home or business to prevent the problem from reoccurring. Only a professional wild animal control company is prepared to remove the health risks of squirrels for an affordable price.


Due to what the animals leave behind, such a urine, feces, ticks, fleas and parasites which wildlife leave on the premises that they inhabit (whether it is attic, garage, roof, walls etc.) The below info is to educate you about the possible health risks that can happen if you, your family or your pets are exposed to any of this infected matter.



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Rats and other rodents can gain entry to homes and businesses by squeezing through hard to detect gaps and holes in rooflines, HVAC systems and foundations. Rats, mice and squirrels breed and contaminate food and building surfaces quickly.

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